Cute Mini Nail Varnish: Majolica Majorca Speedy & Glossy Nail Polish Review

I blame this lady for my sudden interest in Nail Polish – why? Because it’s easier that way!

I recently bought three polishes from Majolica Majorca’s new Speedy & Glossy Nail Polish range. I’ve owned MJ polishes before so I know that they come in dinky containers, ever so cute, and in glittery, sheer, pastel shades…most of the time.

So I was pleased to see there was a bit more pigment in these polishes:


I bought GR714 for a Shrek green, VI311 for a pretty lilac and OR213 for summer! The pink and beiges are lovely too but I wanted something a bit different!

Here the are! I think they are lovely looking polishes and I do prefer small polish because I can never finish one (it always goes off first) and I can carry this around for when I inevitiably, chip it when I’m proving a point, “I can open a box with my nails, see?”


Ready for some swatches?As the name suggests, these polishes are both Speedy and Glossy!

And yes they are telling the truth. One coat of these leaves a nice, even, sparkle free coat, although I would say that with 2 coats, it isn’t THAT fast at drying. Just..well, the usual amount of time.

I guess it really excelled itself when I applied just one coat, slap dash style – it was quick to dry, even and shiny,

First shade GR714:


Reminds me of wasabi as opposed to snot – I quite like it, for a swampy green.



This is a coral orange, so lovely, not too tangy at all. Wearable!



It’s called Violet, but its sort of a lilac purple – very nice and flattering to wear.


I paid about £4 each for these on

Really cute, really like them, the remind me of Essie but a bit thinner and thus, easier to apply. I would buy it again, maybe when they have some new shades.

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  1. says

    Love the last two colours, but I think I already own similar shades! lol As for the green one… meh for me!