Cute but Useful Haul: Hello Kitty Contact Lens Cases

My addiction to eBay has hit an all time high! Does anyone else get scour the site for random things to buy?

Well I was looking for a compact way of carrying creams and foundation for when I go away on a short break, and found these cute Hello Kitty Contact Lens cases for £4 each including shipping.


Its funny – when you go to Asia, there is a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, but half of it is bootleg, the other half is genuine.

You have to check for a Sanrio label on the back to see if its genuine. The fake items don’t usually bother with that. The genuine stuff also costs more – I guess its supposed to.

I’ve seen some really bad Hello Kitty rip off designs in my time though like:


I’m sure her eyes don’t look like that…and….


I’m sure she doesn’t have a mouth?

You catch my drift.

I am very particular about my Kitty.

Anyway, this contact lens case comes with a sturdy box, a container for the lenses, a tweezer thing and a squeezy bottle.

I don’t wear contacts I don’t know what all this stuff is for!


What I bought this for was the contact lens cases above. I think these will be fab for storing creams. I could have got standard contact lens holders but I like the fact these are pink and clear.

The cases are pretty cute too, can always use these for storing little bric a brac items:


Do you like?

Bought anything similar?

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  1. jaffra says

    Yup, I use them to store tinted moisturiser/moisturiser on flights – handy in a pinch!

    • Row says

      Hi Jaffra

      Yeah I will keep maybe primer and foundation in these? I wonder if you can carry them on flight?

  2. baby in a corner says

    i wear contacts but recently a tube of cream eyeshadow burst n i had to decant it into a contact lens case to save it as it was all i had!

  3. says

    I want one…I wear contacts and love Hello Kitty. Though I cannot imagine why tweezer things would be included…D:

    Guess I ought to hit up ebay…bahaha~

    The Hello Kitty with the floating eye….wtf? XD Awesome.

  4. Saltedswirl says

    From the time when I played with colored contact lenses I have the contact case in bright blue. I dunno why I saved it, but you gave me a nice idea to use it.

    But can I carry it with me on flight? I mean, is it possible to carry the blue container full of unknown substance (for air security people) – moisturizer or foundation? ))

    • Row says

      Hmmm I’m not sure – flight regulations are so strict but its such a small container it might be ok. Anyone know?

  5. lexi says

    Dammit now I want one too! Contact Lens cases are sooo handy! I’ve kept change, medicines, creams and other random things in them, people wonder why have so many considering I don’t wear contacts! :)

  6. KimberlyRose says

    Row, if the tweezers are like the ones in the kit I have, they’ve got soft tips so they wouldn’t scratch the lens. (I doubt you’ll see this as it’s almost a year later, but someone else may happen by with the same question. :) )

    I haven’t actually tried using the tweezers, but I love the set for when we’re traveling. Since it’s all in a single container, it’s a lot more convenient than having to juggle multiple items on the tiny mirror ledges they have in most rest areas!