Cute Bobbles! Kitsch Hair Ties from MyKitch

I was recently sent some super cute hair ties (bobbles – whatever you want to call them) and they have been sparkling away in my hair for the last few weeks! 

Http www mykitsch com

I do generally wear my hair down but there’s always times when I need to have my hair up because it’s just less in the way but I keep losing my bobbles.  These Hair Ties from MyKitch come in a huge variety of designs and can be worn as fashion accessories too (pictures: Crazy in Love £7.18 and The Cats Meow also £7.18). 

These bands are quite adorable (as you can see!) and are actually quite handy to wear around the wrist – it means I don’t lost them quite as easily and because of their size I don’t just tend to leave them everywhere. 

These don’t pull at the hair when you remove them and don’t seem to snag either. 

Kitsch Hair Ties from MyKitch 1

One thing I was worried about is whether it would stretch enough – they don’t feel like they will, but they are fine, they can loop around my hair 3 times exactly to create quite a firm pony tail and they don’t give (ie. come lose, because it is a knot that holds it together). 

Kitsch Hair Ties from MyKitch

I can already see some designs I would choose as gifts for people because the designs are quite unique. 

Check out the range here (prices vary depending on the set). 

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  1. says

    I am also always losing my hair ties!! These are adorable! I think I might be a bit too old to wear them, but will definitely consider them as gifts. I love the one with the cats :)