Cute Beauty Haul: Boots Natural Collection Heart Massager

I purchased this cute massager from Boots (Natural Collection) for £3.50! I am guessing you can use this on its own or in the shower or on the scalp.

Obviously it’s super cute but it’s quite well made too, sturdy and firm but not scratchy:


I will probably use this for my scalp when the conditioner is on – I find it helps keep my scalp clean and tingly.


Everyone buys weird heart shaped stuff right?

I use to have a heart shaped plate which was free with Flora spread (like a margarine/butter my International friends) and this idiot I lived with smashed it, telling me like this: “Oh by the way, I broke your plate”, in a nonchalant tone, as if breaking something that someone owned and was irreplaceable was an every day occurance.

Yes, I am still bitter.

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    • Row says

      Yeaa I saw a few but they were going for crazy money! Also, I knew I’d never feel the same about it :(