Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Funky Fizz and Squidgy Soap Review!

About the time that I was expecting Baby H, I noticed a new range from Cussons called Mum & Me – a range of affordable skincare products for mum pre and post pregnancy, and also for babies. 

I won’t lie – I have stuck to organic products with high quality ingredients for Baby H wherever possible; I don’t see the point of adding unnecessary toxins to something as pure as a little baby. When I was sent some products from this cute range of bath products for older kids, the ‘Little Explorers’ range, I knew there was a little lady (5) who would appreciate them. 

Cussons Mum Me Little Explorers Bath Crackles and Sqidgy Soap

The Little Explorers way is a way of adding fun to Bath Time.  There are 4 products in the range, Soft Squidgy Soap, Spashy Hair and Body Wash, Funky Fizz Bath Crackles and Mega Mild Bubbly Bath. I have Soft Squidgy Soap here and Funky Fizz Bath Crackles.

The Bath Crackles come in a 30g sachet and cost £1.  I opened these to have a look but they were passed on to my aunt and  her 5 year old daughter to try – I don’t feel like these products are suitable for younger babies to toddlers. 

Cussons Mum Me Little Explorers Bath Crackles and Sqidgy Soap

According the my reviewer, this made the bath fizz up which was fun to watch and the bath went a blue-green colour.  They look like these crystals…sherbet dip! You get quite a lot I am sure you can split this up into two washes unless you use the actual giant bath tub to bathe your kids.  My reviewer uses a smaller tub so this lasted 2 washes. 

Cussons Mum Me Little Explorers Bath Crackles and Sqidgy Soap 1

All in all the aunt reports that the fixes were fun, but  it wasn’t a functional product…but fun nevertheless. 

Then the Super Soft Sqidgy Soap. Once again I squeezed a bit out to try – it’ s a firm foam basically which moulds into all kinds of things as it’s not fragile foam and it won’t disappear easily. The young one loved this to play with. Here is my attempt at moulding it into…god knows…

Cussons Mum Me Little Explorers Bath Crackles and Sqidgy Soap 2

But you see what I mean about it being a firm foam.

Aunt reports that whilst it is fun, again it doesn’t seem to be much good as a wash, and doesn’t foam up and just disappears once you add water – so she needed to use something else to cleanse.  

But you see now why this is very much for older kids who know not to eat crackles or foam…because they do look oddly appetising. Plus – as these two items here seem to be best for the fun element of bathing as opposed to the actual cleansing, it’s more likely to be older kids who will moan about wanting this and that to make bath time a more fun experience.  

All in all, if you have a kid who doesn’t like bath time and they don’t have any skin issues (I wouldn’t use this stuff if my baby had say, eczema) these could jazz up the whole bathing experience for them!

Check out the range here. 

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