Current Skincare Routine: Environ Aquatrol, Cleansing Cream AVST, Rad and Eye Gel

It’s time for a skincare update ladies!

For the past few months I have been using a skincare range called Environ. It’s a salon only brand and it is only sold to customers after a consultation because the products are quite potent.

I was sent a whole set of skincare to try after a consultation at my local stockists:

Environ AVST Cleansing Cream RAD Eye Gel

Aquatrol – a oil based make up remover/pre cleanser.

Cleansing Cream, AVST Moisturising Toner, AVST 1 Moisturiser, RAD SPF 15 sunscreen and C-Quence Eye Gel.

The range from Environ is so vast – I’m not surprised you need a consultant to tell you what to use!

The cleansers I am using are from the ‘Interactive’ range.

Aquatrol is a pre cleanser which contains refined mineral oil, vitamin E and extracts. It should help decongesting skin (I have recently been experimenting with using oil to extract blackheads! More on this later!).  I am not sure how I feel about using mineral oil on my face like this yet…it’s not on my face for very long mind you, but this is not like a cleansing oil.  It does leave a residue if you don’t wash it off.

Cleansing Cream is a mild cream cleanser, it’s quite nice but so far, it feels like quite a standard cream cleanser to me. I’ve pretty much finished this!

AVST Hydrating Lotion is moisturising and has mild levels of AHAs. It is ok for normal and combination skin – you have to use this within 6-8 weeks of using it once it is opened.

Environ AVST 1 is the introductory moisturiser from the range. Basically it goes up in strength (Vitamin A and C) the higher the number.  Everyone starts on no. 1.  This smells like oranges and I was surprised I didn’t have any allergies as I am quite sensitive with anything with AHAs.

Sun Care RAD SPF 15 is a sun cream – it’s weird I am so used to seeing SPF50 that SPF 15 doesn’t seem so high! It has a nice hydrating texture, it’s no super light but it sinks in nicely.

Ionzyme C-Quence Eye Gel is a light gel, sinks in quickly and I’ve had no issues using it and I do think my eyes look somewhat firmer (but I still have circles!).  It contains vitamins, antioxidants and peptides.

Environ skincare cleansing Cream AVST RAD

I will post in another week about my final thoughts about the range but so far and look into the textures- I’ve really enjoyed using it.  I’m surprised by how it hasn’t given me any allergies considering how sensitive my skin is. My skin does look better, a lot better, although I still have some issues with blocked pores.

I particularly like the AVST cream and the C-Quence Eye Gel.  This range is quite easy to get through – maybe I’ve been heavy handed but I’ve nearly finished the cleansers!

Anyway I will update you again on this range shortly! Check out the brand here.

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