Curly Whirly Hair: Cloud Nine The Wand Curler Review

Before my life revolved around being a Mama, I actually had time to do things like, style my hair.  

These days, time for that kind of things is at the minimum.  So, if I do decide to pretty up once in a while, it has to be with a very quick and easy to use tool. 

I have tried the Cloud Nine straighteners before, which are truly excellent, but never the curlers!  Here I have The Wand:

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review

Alongside the Cloud Nine Wand is The Waving Wand (better for longer hair because of the thicker barrel) and The Micro Wand. The Wand however, the one I have here is the standard size in the middle which is useful for most hair lengths. 

The Cloud Nine Wand comes in a very sleek stylish box.  As someone who gets a lot of hair appliances to test, I can say that the Cloud Nine range makes the most stylish packaging – stuff you couldn’t throw away.  It also fits the price range it’s in which is dearer than the usual high street products, from Babyliss, John Frieda etc. 

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 1

Inside the presentation box is the wand, which comes well padded. My first impressions was that it is a fairly big substantial thing and it’s very very well made.  This wand comes with a cover which is a really nice touch as it protects the wand, and means you can carry it around when it’s still warm.  

It also comes with 3 temperatures, so you can choose accordingly, and a swivel cord so you can twist it 360 degrees without getting stuck. 

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 2

As I mentioned before this is not a light thing, it’s very sturdily built. 

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 3

I remember when I first used one of these waving tools, I wasn’t convinced it could keep curl in my straight Asian hair (when I was younger curling tongs never ever ever lasted). Amazingly, they did work and this Cloud Nine Wand also created curls that lasted all day (with a light spritz of styling fluid too). 

It heats up very very quickly – around a minute for the middle temperature I chose. 

I can’t help but think about how fair hair tools have come sometimes! When I bought my first tools, they took about 30 minutes to heat up – you used to turn it on then go and get a drink before returning! 

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 4

You get a heat protective glove with this product. 

I found the wand itself quite easy to use. I say quite, because my hair is mid length at the moment and actually more layered than I first thought! Therefore, I found that I had to use the tip of the wand the most – in other words with my hair the length it is, I struggled to get a full curl with this size. Once my hair is longer again it will work perfectly! 

I really do love the idea of the cover:

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 5

I am going to work with it and get a full head of nice bounce before posting a picture up. At the moment I get a pretty soft half wave with it but it’s not quite curly – in hindsight I think the mini wand would work better for girls like me with mid length layered hair and there’s more room for me to twirl my hair around the tool.

I tried this out on my cousin who has very long Asian hair. It worked a treat, even when I only held her hair there for about 5 seconds per section, and it stayed put too:

The Cloud 9 Wand Curler Review 7

I really think if you are starting out with hair tools it’s really worth investing in good products – I have dozens of wands and straighteners and really, I just needed one good quality pair all along.  Cloud Nine’s, if you are looking to invest really are a good choice, I for one have given away a lot of my other straighteners etc. 


Excellent product from Cloud Nine, do think about which size will suit your hair length best though!

This is £99 from Cloud Nine. 

*PR Sample

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