Curly Lashes

A problem for a lot of Asian women, is that we have short, straight lashes.

The normal remedy is to curl and then apply mascara but I always found that they a. smudged, and b. make my lashes flop.

Despite being a Make Up Fan for years, I never really wore mascara untill two years back! And it was all because of a Shu Uemura Make Up Artist called Vicky, and this mascara:

Shu Uemura’s Length & Waterproof. Since then I have found lots of other good mascaras but this one really started it for me. Vicky used Shu Uemura curlers on me, then applied two coats of L & W on my top lashes. What really struck me was how well my lashes were curled, and how they stayed curled, all day. I was in love.

I guess the most important factors for me, is that a mascara will a. lengthen b. not smudge c. hold curl. This is the toughest thing of all! A lot of mascaras, the majority of mine, make my lashes flop either immediately or throughout the day.

Why didn’t I just stick to Shu’s? Because it is truly waterproof and a buggery to get off at the end of the day. I use Lancome Bi-Facial and it will still take a few rounds to get it off and sometimes a comb through with a metal lash comb. We’re talking about that level of stay-put-ness.

I want to get round to doing a Lash Floppyness test with mascaras – it is a entirely subjective thing, since some people want volume, some people have no problems at all with thick, heavy mascaras etc. I can only give my opinion on things and hopefully it will put people in the right direction.

The mascaras in my collection are:

1. YSL Faux Cils (in 4 colours)

2. Shu Uemura Basic in Black

3. Shu Uemura Precise Volume (4 colours0

4. Shu Uemura Length and Waterproof

5. Shu Uemura FiberXtension in Blue

6. Dejavu Fibrewig in Black

7. Clarins Curl In Black

8. Rimmel – Magnifieyes

9. Rimmel – Lash Maxx

10. Dawn & Marylin in Black

11. Sana – Extra Large in Black

12. Maybelline – Define a Lash

13. Paul & Joe – In Black

14. Visee Double Impact in Black

15. Estee Lauder XL in Black

16. Mark – Baby lash in Black

17. Lancome Fatale – in Black

18. Lancome – L’Extreme in Blue

19. Wet n Wild – In Black

20. Bourjoise – Clubbing in Black

22. Kate Gel – In Black

22. Fasio 3D Lash in Black

23. Anna Sui Long Length 0 Ib Black

24. Integrate Length and Volume in Black

Lash Bases:

1. Shiseido Lash Base

2. Fasio Base

3. Lavshuca Base

4. Shu Uemura Lash Repair (a treatment)

5. Dawn & Marylin Base

6. Kate Base

Phew! More than I thought.

At a glance I can say that Sana is one of my favourite mascaras for curl – it is very dramatic and amazing for curling – but it is hard to get off. In terms of bases, Fasio is amazing BUT I don’t know why but it made my lashes fall out eek! So I couldn’t continue using it (daily anyway). Kate’s base is a good compromise price wise although Shiseido is fantastic and makes a mascara like YSK work even better.

I will get round to reviewing these properly eventually but it may take a few weeks – I can’t put each one on and off in one day as my eyes are too sensitive!

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