Cross my paw: Make Up No Buy Pledge for 2011!

I may live to regret this, as I type away at my work desk…

But I’ve been doing up some sums in my head as to how much money this month I have spent on cosmetic purchases (eBay hauls, adambeauty hauls, a haul from Japan which should be arriving soon…) and it’s a lot.

Really…a lot.

Needless to say I definitely don’t need any more make up and have bag loads to get through to open and review.  I don’t need more make up…at least not for the rest of the year (not including gifts, ahem) so I want to set myself a challenge, starting from today October 03rd 2011 (cos I bought something yesterday!) to not buy. any. make. up.

Cross my paw:

This is going to be tough.  With new collections out shortly…this is going to be hard. 

But I have an ipad and Sigma 50mm lens (thanks for that lemming Charlotte) in my sights and surely these things have a better resale value than an eyeshadow and lipstick? (speaking of which, big blog sale but not this month…probably. If I have the energy!).

Things I will have to do to prevent accidental make up purchases:

1. Not browse aimlessly on eBay

2. Not browse at all

3. Not read certain blogs that always get me tempted

4. Do something else!*

(* Something else includes the a shop revamp – completely new structure and branding, and making videos which I haven’t done for a year!).

So let’s do this…one month at the time. By the end of October I should be able to do a Scrooge McDuck and swim in my coins right? Did anyone else really want to do that as a kid? But in reality it would hurt and really smell.

Anyway – we have a poll people! Totally anon of course:

How much did you spend on make up last month?

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Are you on a make up no buy? 




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  1. says

    Sephora is having a 20% off sale next month. Will you be able to resist the temptation? I already have a list ready and will not be buying any makeup until the sale starts. lol

  2. Jasmine says

    Good luck! Shop in your stash, rediscover old favourites, calibrate your compass for your ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ – you might not expect how rewarding it can be :) I love it when I discover a previously dud mascara come to life after being forgotten. Sometimes their textures aren’t as we remembered them to be, or our skill levels up to a point we can make use of them in a new way. Follow up on previously-reviewed stuff. It must be tough as a blogger to be in the tyranny of the new (and expensive) so take the time off for a blast into the past!

  3. says

    I feel you, Row! I am stuck in nearly a no-buy because I am out of money. I spent too much over the whole summer! I say nearly because I still allow myself the occasional little treat :)

  4. Jen says

    Hooray for no-buy pledges :) I finally came to the conclusion that I had drawers full of makeup that had been lusted for, bought, and then forgotten after a few uses. Or even worse, the ones that had never been touched because they were too “pretty” and I didn’t want to spoil the prettiness by dabbing my brushes in :S
    Plus, as you say, think of all the stuff you can save up for by not buying any makeup from now til year end! And think how much time you will gain from not browsing ebay and online sites when yu’re bored!
    Good luck to your no-buy pledge, looking forward to new videos and shop revamp 😀

  5. says

    I haven’t sworn off make-up but I have been trying to limit myself to only $200 a month and taking the time to ponder want vs. need of an item to avoid impulse buying. I have fallen a few times but haven’t exceeded $500 in a while. There were months when I was spending close to $1000 a month for several months. Moving made me realize I have too much make-up that I don’t use and too many items I bought for the blog and not for myself. I vow to only buy items that I will use and to not exceed $200 a month or impulse purchase. I don’t think I’m ready to go no make-up yet. LOL

  6. Asuka says

    I will keep buying makeup. However, I cross my paw that it will not be Japanese. Aren’t you afraid of the radioactivity? The official announcement of the Japanese Cosmetics Committee is not at all assuring me there’s no danger.

  7. says

    I can only imagine how many goodies you have awaiting reviews and to be tested. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble… Maybe a little withdrawal here and there but I believe in you! (Good luck – just in case!)

  8. says

    good luck! I’ll do my part 😉

    you should also shop your stash – rediscover the stuff you have in your stash and see what you think of it.

    I’m on a low buy. I don’t need any makeup, although some new products are tempting (Integrate gel pencil liner, etc.). Trying to use up all the random stuff in my shelves!

  9. says

    Good luck! I’m not on a no-buy but I’m definitly on a buy less. It hit me before going to uni. I looked at what money I had and thought about how much went on uni last year and how much I should have saved from commuting…but didn’t. Then I looked at all my ebay and adambeauty receipts. I think the worst thing was realising how many of those products I now don’t use for whatever reason, and just sit there as there’s nothing to do with them (can’t sell them on etc). I do agree keeping away from ebay and adambeauty helps. mustn’t tempt oneself right? Again- good luck! And have fun rooting through your stash and discovering new favourites, or rediscovering old favourites!

  10. Li says

    You can do it!

    Despite being very very interested in beauty I don’t spend a lot, I have favourites, use them up and replace only on empty.

  11. Melinda says

    Awww I don’t think you should go cold turkey and maybe limit yourself to x item/amount for a month. Slowly manage yourself.

    Or you could always have another blog sale ^^ and I tried looking for your store but can’t seem to find it for some reason :(

    • Row says

      Hi Melinda!

      Can you see it now? Let me know we are giving it a face lift!

      Also yes hoping to do a blog sale very soon its just we are so busy with other sites at the moment and blog sales take a week to organise! xxx