Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Antoinette Cute & Lovely Eyes Brown Eye liner review

Creer Beaute, like SANA, is one of those Japanese brands that seems to produce lots of little sub ranges and varied, interesting products.  La Rose de Versailles is one of their ranges and I believe there are 2 characters, Oscar (scary looking lady) and Antoinette (more angelic looking lady).  I believe the Antoinette shades are usually brown and the Oscar colours and black.

I have tried their Gel Liners before and they’re pretty good, if not a little uninteresting. I am always buying eyeliners though (I am obsessed) and nice brown ones are hard to find:

Creer Beaute Brown Eye liner review
So this is one of their newest releases, a twist up liner that comes in Black and Dark Brown.

Look! Cute kitty eyes!

Creer Beaute Antoinette Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Review

The USP of this pencil is the interesting narrow head which has a fine squarish shape to it, unusual to pencil eyeliner which are normally rounded like a…well, a pencil! I think the idea is you can use it to line under the lashes easily and do fine controlled lines.

It’s a nice shape for getting into the corners of the eyes, more so than a regular pencil, and also handy for when you want a sharper line:


Creer Beaute Antoinette Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Review 1

I am a fine of liners like this that don’t need sharpening, purely out of laziness, but I still love pencil liners too as they tend to be softer in texture.

This crayon is indeed quite hard to touch.  When swatching it, it isn’t super soft like these new gel pencil eyeliners (that seem to be in right now) are, yet it doesn’t require too much work to leave a pigmented line:

Creer Beaute Antoinette Creamy Pencil Eyeliner Review 2

I have been using this for a few weeks and I REALLY like it. I have so many eyeliners they are coming out of my ears, but this one has been a great go to daily liner because the colour is softer is black, it’s pigmented without being overly soft and creamy.  I adore creamy liners but sometimes, something that is slightly harder stays put for longer and gives a sharper effect.

It’s also really easy to use under the lashes although with it being quite thin, it’s not so nice to use under the eye because the line is almost too precise.  It can be blended though.

It doesn’t work too well on my waterline but works very well as a liner on top of my lashes.

The liner also lasts very well, it is there at the end of the day with slight transferring only.


Like it a LOT and amazingly the harder texture works well.  If I could change anything…the brown could be more interesting, perhaps more warm chocolate.  I also don’t think I will buy the black as I have too many plain black liners but I would buy this in other colours.


*I paid about £9 for this from

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  1. milktea says

    Oh, I thought the other character was a man. Oscar could be his name. Ya, he looks a bit threatening…