Creepy Good: Blythe Fresh Light Hair Dye – Brilliant Ash

img06_04 I still maintain that it’s rather odd to have a range of hairdye based on the hair colour of some dolls, but there you go.

I know – I only dyed me hair a week ago but I decided I didn’t like it.  You know when you bleach your hair it goes from being brown (if it was brown to begin with) through an orange stage nad if you are lucky to a nice, ashy blonde.

Well after numerous photos and hair washes I decided my hair was stuck in the orange stage.  It had to go.

Luckily I had 2 packs of Fresh Light in Brilliant ash saved up.  I had put off using it because it looks dark.  And everytime I go dark I hate it and need to take it out with some Rusk Eliminate.

I really, really, really like it.

It isn’t black at all – it’s a dark brown full of ash tones.  I swear it is the Ash in it, the cool toned sheen that makes this a really hot look.  I love that it has a soft ashy feel – think Demi Moore dark or Megan Fox – no hints of warm/reddish/chestnut/mahogany tones – just cool cool cool.

My only criticisms of this range of dyes is that you don’t get much at all – I have very long hair and I just about cheated it with 2 packs.  The brush applicator is also fiddly and difficult to use if you have longer hair past the shoulders and its annoying to have to keep shaking it to get the product out (result is dye everywhere). 

Next time I’ll just empty it into a bowl and apply with a salon brush.

This colour though – bellisimo!  I can’t think of another dye on the western market that gets the ash/dark colour just right like this.

Blythe Fresh Light Collection can be found here.

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  1. chrissy says

    The colour does look quite nice! how does this compare to the prettia dye? Prettia’s foam dye really appeals to me!

    • Row says

      Hey Chrissy

      Well Blythe is quite lovely but I found:

      1. You don’t get much
      2. The darker shades fade quickly
      3. The applicator is stupid if you have long hair.

      I do like it though but Prettier is easier to use? Depends. If you have shorter hair and love a certain Blythe shade then go for it!

  2. Betty Bundoc says

    Do you have any pictures of how your hair turned out after you dyed your hair using the Fresh light Brilliant Ash color? I have a bottle of this and am thinking of dying it that color.

  3. jen says

    where can you purchase fresh light dye? I have been looking on ebay to no avail. please help. thankssss

  4. Eleanor says

    Hi! I was wondering what your hair colour was before you used the ash? If I dyed it over dark brown hair would it turn out darker or lighter?

    • Row says

      Hi Eleanor

      My hair is a reddy light brown. Over dark brown I think it will be the same but with a ashy tone? But do a strand test!

  5. Eleanor says

    Oh wow, you replied fast! seeing as this post was over a year old I didn’t have much hope in a reply D:
    thanks Row! right now i’m really excited to try it because I’ve been wanting grey/brown hair for a while.. did it fade for you?
    Do you reckon it’s possible to achieve gray hair somehow?

    • Row says


      I think so but be careful if doesn’t turn green if you naturally have red in your hair. Hoyu Habolabo have a new dye which looks like silvery grey!