Cream Eyeshadows Part 2

Eye Jellies / Mousse & Watery

Apart from Cream Eyeshadows in a jar, the newest additions to my collection have been eye jellies and water colours.

I swatched the Maybelline Eye Mousse Colours before and wasn’t madly impressed – the Stila is similar but I think firmer textured and more pigmented than them.

Brand: Stila (US)

Texture: Mousse in a glass Jar

Application: Best with a brush. Mousse can be a bit tricky; it looks like it should be very sheer but quite often isn’t especially with the darker shades.

Staying Power: Excellent once dried.

Pigmentation: Excellent with the darker colours.

Favourite Colours: Lime (not pictured) and Smoke (now discontinued).

Price: £12

Overall: There is a nice selection of colours with the Stila Color Pots collection, some of which are now being discontinued. The Mose texture is unusual; some people love it, some people hate it – I am inbetween, although I would like it if it could make it’s mind up and be more like a cream or more like a liquid as sometimes I find it a little tricky to blend. It’s also easy to get too much since as a mousse, the instinct is that you might need more product for it to show up; not so!

There is a nice shimmery sheen to the finish, although it is not a madly unique one. It does make an excellent base for shadows, and it lasts quite a while although you must keep it air-tight.

These are about the same price as the Benefit ones, and I prefer the texture of Benefit, but, Stila has more unusual colours to choose from (blues, purples and greens).

Rating – 3.8/5.

Jill Stuart Eye Jellies

Jill Stuart make such beautifully packaged cosmetics that it is hard to resist. I love the Eye Jellies, and have a few colours;


Brand: Jill Stuart

Texture: Jelly, a bit like blamange. If you get a small amount of colour, it will be enough, you don’t need to wedge out a chunk of the jelly.

Application: Brush! Goes on quite nicely, but blend because it dries quickly.

Staying Power: Excellent, no creasing.

Pigmentation: Some of the shades are surprisingly pigmented (such as the Mauve) and yes yes, it is buildable.

Price: Around £12

Favourite Colour: All of them!

Overall: I really love the Jill Stuart Eye Jellies because they give off an intense shimmer, which is really unusual and different from any of the usual brands I can get in the UK. It also doesn’t crease, and has a gorgeous range of colours. There is a nice rose scent, which is light. The only slight issues is that you do have to rememeber to blend – if I am applying in bad light, for example,I forget and end up with a hard edge, and once it dries, it is staying put. 4.7/10.

Lavshuca Eye Jelly

Lavshuca, by Kanebo, is one of my favourite Japanese brands. It is affordable, cute and high quality to boot. My favourite product is their eye jelly:

All of the colours:


Brand: Lavshuca by Kanebo

Texture: Smooth Creamy Paste

Application: Easy to apply with finger or brush.

Staying Power: Excellent, no creasing

Pigmentation: Varies by shade from sheer to quite pigmented.

Price: Around £6

Favourite Colour: PU1, GD1, SV1, PK2 (the most pigmented).

Overall: These eye jellies, not quite a jelly texture like Jill Stuarts, but more like a paste, give of the most amazing shimmer, with a hint of colour. The apply well and require quick blending before it sets. I love this product as a base because it give a lovely radiance. I quite often choose a shade which will correspond to the eyeshadow I am using that day. They come in a elegant glass jar with a good amount and the price is also reasonable for this product. Once again, this is another one of the products that are hard to find or compare to anything on the UK market, which is another reason why I like it. Score….4.9/5.

Sonia Rykiel Eye Jelly

Brand: Sonia Rykiel

Texture: Jelly

Application: A bit tricky, best with a brush, this one is a bit like lumpy jelly.

Staying Power: Good. Once set it stays.

Pigmentation: Fairly sheer shimmer.

Price: About £9

Favourite Colour: I only have one! this mossy light green.

Overall: This eye jelly is very similar in terms of texture to the Jill Stuart – it is a proper, wobbly jelly texture, but lumpier and less pigmented. It also tends to have a watery residue on the top of it. Nevertheless, it gives a nice, iridescent glow to the eye, but there is ntohing spectacular about this colour. I haven’t been tempted to try any more of the shades; I’d rather try out more Jill Stuart colours.
Overall, 2.3/5 – it is neither awful nor brilliant.

RMK Eye Jelly Colour

As well as the powder holographic eyes, the quads, the mix eyes, the liquid eye colours, there are the jelly eyes which have a cooling, firm jelly feel:

Brand: RMK

Texture: Firm Jelly

Application: For some reason is not pigmented when applied with a brush so use a clean finger.

Staying Power: Once set is very good.

Pigmentation: Good, when applied with a finger.

Price: £12 (no case)

Favourite Colour: Green & Bronze

Overall: RMK Jelly Eye colours are firmer textured than most of the jellies I have reviewed here. When I swatch ed them, the colour was spectacular, but they don’t look as good when using a brush – the warmth of a finger helps the colour payoff, I believe. There are only six colours to choose from at the moment; Lilac, Baby Blue, Gold, Purple, Green, Brown. I have the Brown, Gold and Green. These also have a refined glow and shimmer, compared to the Lavshuca and Jill Stuart, who have a lot more glitter in them.

Liquid Eyeshadows; RMK & Chanel

These are liquid eyeshadows, as in watery. They all need a shake before usage.


Brand: Chanel

Texture: Water

Application: Using the sponge

Staying Power: Very Good,no creasing

Pigmentation: Sheer to medium

Price: £16.00

Favourite Colour: I like Sand over Ocean.

Overall: 2.5/5

Brand: RMK

Texture: Water!

Application: With the sponge, then blended with a finger

Staying Power: Excellent no creasing

Pigmentation: Surprisingly excellent!

Price: £16.00

Favourite Colour: The green is excellent and gives off an amazing deep metallic grey-green colour. You can apply it sheer or layer once for a strong smokey look.

Overall: 4.5/5. This is quite pricey though, and not all the shades are very tempting.

So – Eye Jellies are some of my favourite wet/cream textured products for the eyes. I love Jill Stuart Eye Jellies for their unusal colours and non creasing formula. I even like the rose scent! I also love Lavshuca colours very much, because they have a high glimmer factor, and it sets well. It is also cost effective in comparison to the Jill Stuart Jellies, about half the price.

I find that the liquid eye colours require more work with blending, especially if it is a pigmented colour. It is not a product I would just slap on without thinking, although the RMK Forest Green Liquid Eyeshadow is a stunning colour and base.

So if you haven’t already, you have to try Lavshuca eye jellies & Jill Stuart! Especially if you haven’t tried anything with that kind of texture, I am sure you will love it and it does not crease! Honest!

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