Crazy Purchase of the Week: Collagen Marshmallows Eat Yourself Beautiful

You know I love my beauty inventions right?

Well here is my latest find – Collagen Marshmallows.

An invention from Japan, these mashmallows come in 50g snack packs and each packet apparently contains 3000mg of collagen peptides. Yes I can see your eyes rolling from here…

Collagen marshmallows - helping you get that smooth wrinkle free look!.jpg

Here’s the Mashmallows – quite tasty I think they are grapefruit flavoured:

eat Yourself beautiful collagen Marshmallows .jpg

They say:

Collagen is the most abundant natural protein found in the body, making up 30% of our entire body and 75% of our skin.

Besides its many structural properties, collagen is responsible for the repair and growth of most of the body’s tissues.

Collagen is best hydrolyzed and then broken down into a polypeptide for maximum absorption. This is then added to food such as our tasty marshmallows and can be ingested orally.

A whole pack of marshmallows every day?! Really?! You know this is going to clash with my Atkins, don’t you?….

collagen marshmallow sweets.jpg

One of my best friends, a cosmetic scientist would always bang on about how the difference between an expensive brand and a cheaper drugstore one was delivery system .

For example, a face cream costing £1.99 may have Vitamin C in it, but doesn’t have the technology to deliver the benefits to your skin. The £99 face cream developed by Shiseido (for example) has had so much time spent on it by scientists that the Vitamin C is delivered in the correct way so that it can benefit the skin.

* This doesn’t mean that cream is necessarily best for you though. My sensitive skin tends to itch when using overly ‘advanced’ skin creams.

The point is – can EATING collagen actually benefit the skin? Is it the correct way to deliver collagen to the skin? I doubt the answer is conclusive.

Energy values and what not:

collagen marshmallows.jpg

Aside from the collagen, the rest of the Marshmallow is not exactly diet friendly:


Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Corn Starch, Collagen Peptide,
Soy Protein, Artificial Flavouring, Colour: Beetroot Red

I think that eating a packet of these once a day would plump up my skin….and also my stomach, my arms, my bum….hello, sugar overload!

Anyway, I am certainly not endorsing these – they taste pretty good and the idea is cute but I’m not relying on it to restore my yoof.

The Eat Yourself Beautiful Website is here – looks like these Marshmallows is all they sell!

Its 3 packets for £9.99 – for the record I bought my from Home Bargains for 50p! So get yourself down to the discount store!

Would you try these?

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  1. chocolate cosmos says:

    lol, so cute and delicious looking! I am talking HTC collagen tablets, but this looks so much yummier!

  2. Collagen marshmallows contain 40% sugar. Sugar is the number 1 enemy of your skin because it destroys the collagen fibers and causes wrinkles. It is also known to worsen the effect of cellulite. Thus, Collagen Marshmallows are an anti-wrinkle product that actually causes wrinkles. Interesting.