Crap Purfume Find of the Day: Ronan Keating ‘Hope’

I was browsing some discount perfume sites yesterday, looking for presents for people I don’t like but am obliged to buy for, and what do I see, but my ex-imaginary husband, Ronan Keating’s very own scent:

hope ronan keating.jpg

I can’t take the mickey out of this hideously packaged scent too much because the proceeds of the sale go towards a cancer awareness charity, not that – I am guessing – many people have this on their dressing table.

I’d suggest Ronan pledging not to do any more of those awful Nintendo DS adverts would be enough to get me to donate. When I am playing on my DS, I am slopped out in my pants on the sofa, cats crawling on my head and the Mr shouting “If I have to repeat myself ONE MORE TIME you can make your own dinner!“.

So tell me – what is the most naff celebrity perfume you can think of?

(BTW Macmillian Cancer support takes online donations here).

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  1. Mazzy says

    Wow! I didn’t know Ronan Keating had perfume!

    I’m not good with perfume- looking to buy my first bottle of perfume after exams when I go heal myself with retail therapy !

  2. Manders says

    it MUST be crap if it’s selling for £4.95 (, but I’m enough of a cheapskate to gift it to someone I don’t really care for but have to put up with at Christmas