Cover Girl Lash Blast, Mint Fresh Gloss etc.

Cover Girl isn’t on sale in the UK, but I have found a brilliant US seller of drugstore brands on eBay. I actually needed to find this gloss after seeing the girls on ANTM model it – that’s how sad I am.

I got waterproof Lash Blast:

Heres the brush head:

The mascara is SO BIG. You could never carry it around in your handbag, it’s like carrying around a dildo.

Concealer, in Warm Beige:

It’s a funny one this concealer – quite soft and creamy. The shade reminds me…well it’s not very skintoney:

Reminds me of being 14 and buying Cover Girl Fresh Foundation – (they used to sell it in the UK) secretly because I wasn’t allowed make up as a teen. The one they used to sell in a jar – Clean Skin? Anyway it was the most disgusting orangey colour, like no one’s skin tone but that’s what it used to be like back then.

This is the reason I actually bought some covergirl items:

The girls on ANTM advertise these – they are supposed to have a minty fresh scent to them (and they do).

Hmmm. The problem with these is that they are very pretty but very sheer as you can see on the swatches. The colours are also very similar…it’s a nice item and would make you feel fresher, but I wish there was more oomph to the glosses. But this is cover girl after all – the colours are young and easy to wear – this is probably what it’s supposed to be.

All in all I am happy with all this, although the NYX parcel I got from the same seller was more exctiting.

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  1. sue says

    Heard a lot of rave about CG Lash Blast so I finally bought it a few months ago. At first, I was blown away cause my stick straight lashes could finally hold its curls. However, after month 2 of using it, the formula isn’t so good anymore and when I try to apply the mascara it just clumps my lashes together. BOO. Oh well, it’s a pretty cheap mascara, I guess it couldn’t hurt the wallet if I just get a new tube every 2 months. Next time you want any CG products or any North American drugstore products, I can do a CP for you if you want. :)

  2. says

    I haven’t been impressed with anything from CG other than Lash Exact, but those Amazemint glosses interest me. Do you know they have a blue version?

  3. Rachel says

    Hey there!

    I would like to check out this ebay seller. Mind sharing the link?

    Thanks in advance! =)

  4. Row says

    Hey Sue!

    I may take you up on that offer :) American beauty products always look so much more exciting. I have the same experience as you with Lash Blast. I was suprised by how good it was, but almost within a week – clumps!!! It’s only a week old mascara! Same for my L’oreal Volumnious – is that a problem with Drugstore mascaras? I have to say my more expensive ones will really hold out for a longggggggg time!

  5. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    A Blue version wow! I went through a phase of dying for a blue gloss since they are supposed to make your teeth look whiter then I realised it just made my lips look – er, blue.

  6. sue says

    One week? Wow. Yeah, I noticed it doesn’t happen with my more expensive mascaras. Their consistency is always the same. Sure, just hit me up an email if there’s anything you would like you get your hands on =)