Courthouse Clinics Facial Review and A Fab Adult Acne Guide!

Skincare is at the forefront of my mind this year; I am really keen to look after my skin as I am getting older, getting less rest etc.  So I have been trying different treatments.  One notable treatment I tried just before Christmas was at The Courthouse Clinics.

Aside from surgical procedures, they also offer non-surgical procedures for people who prefer a different approach. 

I tried the CoffeeBerry Enzyme Peel combined with the Omnilux Red Light Therapy at the newly opened Manchester City Centre Clinic. 

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The Salon 

This is the first Courthouse Clinic I have been too and my first impressions were; clean, organised, relaxed with a coffee machine in the corner! Before anything happened, a full skincare consultation took place, and I mean a FULL consultation.  This was one of the most thorough examinations into my skin ever, and we must’ve talked for an hour just about my lifestyle habits, what my skincare concerns were and so on.  

My therapist, Becky was amazing – very knowledgable about the skin and could answer every query I had.  If you do go for a treatment in the Manchester area (they have one in the city centre and one in Wilmslow) then ask of her!


My skin is sensitive so we decided anything like a peel would be way too much so we went for the Priori CoffeeBerry Enzyme Peel.  This facial (and I will try and remember as much as I can!) begins with a double cleanse to get all the dirt and grime off, followed by a gentle mask which is a very gentle peel without harsh scrubbing.  

After the facial came…

The Omnilux Red Light Therapy was VERY interesting…They say:

The light treatment will assist with minimising the redness of acne lesions and promote healthier skin by targeting specific cells in order to stimulate deeper skin rejuvenation. Increased blood flow also helps to increase tissue oxygenation and detoxification.

You have to wear goggles as an extremely extremely extremely bright red light is beamed on to your face (it looks like it could be a small tanning machine) for 20 minutes.  It is so very very very bright – I felt like someone had thrown the sun into my face, but believe it or not you do get used to the brightness and amazingly once it was removed (you get hot but not sweaty, its more of a soothing heat) my eyes adjusted quickly back to normal. 

After the facial, I found the red light to be very soothing indeed although it was weird.  My skin was somewhat red afterwards,not to the point that I had to slap on concealer, but there was definitely red patches, something to think about if you have sensitive skin like me and you are say, going back to work for meetings. 

It took a day or two before I really saw this incredible glow and improvement in my skin texture. 

The treatments are £55 each and they do go well together.

Skincare and Adult Acne

After the facial I tried some Vitage skincare products (I particularly like the Eye Cream which is super super super light textured and the Anti Ageing moisturiser) and it also got me thinking about general adult skincare and acne.  

Getting acne as an adult isn’t uncommon but depending on the severity of it, it may feel extremely uncomfortable.  I thought I had left acne days behind with my teens!

My experience of acne or blemishes is by no means extreme – I am lucky as I haven’t always been kind to my skin either.  I do get blocked pores and blackheads on my nose, and occasionally I get acne like the odd spot on my chin or forehead, then annually I get a painful huge spot on my upper lip that takes almost a month to disappear, then I get hormonal acne around me jawline…yeah. It comes and goes on and off. 

But don’t worry! Adult acne is normal. 

The Courthouse Clinics have a very detailed but fun to read Adult Acne guide here. My favourite adult acne facts from the book are;

1. Avoid over washing, harsh scrubs and alcohol based toners.

2. Don’t pick spots and continually touch your face! 

3. Cosmetic Acne does exist (caused by make up!) – so use clean applicators (clean your brushes!), choose powder over liquids if possible, go for noncomedogenic make up. 

4. Sometimes, go bare – don’t wear make up every day! 

5. Have vitamins; Zinc, B-3, B-2 and A help! 

There’s also information on scarring and also possible treatments. It’s worth a read if you are concerned about adult spots! 


For the treatment, call 0845 322 8016 for your nearest location and booking. 


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