Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink; A Felt Tip for Eyebrows?

As I already have a decent head of…face of….cluster of…brow hair, I am always looking for super easy grooming products, like tinted brow gels.

I do like brow ink pens, like heroine make and 24 brow tattoo; despite look scary, they leave a really natural result. Infact, the ones I have tried so far are nice, but almost a bit too natural, leaving just a slight hint of tint.

Cosmetics a la carte have three (fairly) new brow inks that can also be used as liners and body ink.


They say:

Apply in small strokes to create the illusion of hair. A semi-Permanent, precise and smudge-proof way of filling in or lengthening your eyebrows without risking the permanent alternative.

Brow ink comes in 3 hues, Sable (darkest), Taupe (cool brown) and Blonde (sandy warm brown).

The tips are interesting; quite spongy and with a fine point:


All the brow pens I’ve tried so far have really varying tips; some are like calligraphy pens, some are quite hard in the centre (and hard to apply!)…
These Cosmetics a la Carte brow inks have firm and spongy tips – spongy enough to move with where you place it, but firm enough so you can really work it into your brows (I have some spots that are sparser than others).


Whether it’s a brow pen or a liquid eyeliner I always feel that applicators with a bit of give to them are easier to apply than something that is too solid.

What I noticed about these brow inks is that they are pigmented; when using say, the Heroine Make brow pen I struggle to swatch it.

With the Cosmetics a la Carte brow pens you can quite clearly see the pigment:


On top of that, they have a great texture for a brow pen! They’re quite liquid and dries quickly, so it doesn’t look too heavy but it’s definitely buildable. They’re more pigmented than any other brow pen I have tried so far.



The point is good for precision, or if you want to use the pen as something else but I usually use it on it’s side so the result is more natural.


I used the darkest shade Sable here – I would usually use taupe but i wanted to use the strongest shade just to see how it would turn out and I really like the result! I think my brow looks fuller and finished but without being too unnatural.

You do have to be fairly quick when working with brow inks. You can dot it about then hope it blends because it does dry on the skin pretty quickly.


As for it’s other uses – I do think this can be used as an eyeliner although it is on the watery and sheer side so I’d only use this if I didn’t have a normal eyeliner with me.

These are water resistant and last ages. I like!

Buy the brow ink here for £22 each,

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  1. Jen says

    I was really liking the sound of these from your review of them…that was, until I saw the price :O Although, I guess it’s similar in price to Shu’s Hard 9 and such…guess I’ll wait until I use that up first! Where would you recommend getting A La Carte cosmetics from?

  2. says

    Your eyebrows are already perfect but I can’t the believe the difference the pen makes. And it doesn’t make your brows look like Bert and Ernie! The price seems worth it to me if they look this natural.

  3. Shari says

    I really like the results! So much so that I might just spring for a couple of these and the international shipping so that I can try them out.

  4. says

    im using wax for my brows and i wont know how to use this ink, coz im clumsy so i’ll make my brows like liners hehe

    xoxo elle