Cosmetic Candy Shop Launched!


I have got another blog on the go with the bits of make up I don’t need/want/have room for. I tend to buy a lot of back ups, in the vain belief that will actually finish something (I won’t). 95% of the stuff is boxed, new, sealed, only 1% is lightly tested. I have stated the condition of everything on the listing, as well as the prices. If you have any questions, do ask me first –

There should be automatic stock control on the items, so once something has sold out it should say so on the site. If something goes awry and you have bought something that someone else got to first I will of course refund all payments immediately.

The shipping costs will depend on where you live and includes INTERNATIONAL TRACKED SERVICE, which is not cheap at all (£4 plus weight of the item) but its peace of mind for me and you. If you are in the UK the prices are lower and items will be sent recorded. Please bear in mind prices will cover a little of the evil Paypal fees, packing materials etc.

I have priced everything in UK £ sterling, so I know exactly what I am getting – coincidentally, this works out very well if you are dealing with $ Dollars at the moment because you are getting a fantastic rate.

So click on the Candy Shop logo below or click here.

Proceeds may go towards Spring Collections, kitten toys and a much needed holiday. Do your bit for the Economy.

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