Cosmetic Candy Asks You: Who do you think is beautiful?

Judging by the conversations I’ve had lately, everyone’s taste in what they deem as beautiful seems to vary a lot these days. It got me thinking, who do other people think are beauties, and why*

*You can’t say your mum. We get it, you love your mum, but its not cliché day.

I personally like natural beauties, less fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, more old school glamour. I also find that if someone is annoying, no matter how beautiful they are on the outside, I still find them unattractive.

(A Real Conversation)

Other person: “I just fink Sienna Miller is gaw-jus”

Me: “But she’s got an uncontrollable vagina!”

Here are my 5 top beauties…tell me who are yours?

1. Jean Shrimpton

60s Fashion Model. I love that she has Shrimp in her name. So pretty and fresh looking:

stamp-and-jean-shrimpton.jpg (JPEG Image, 465x347 pixels).jpg

2. Iman

Somali model and actress married to David Bowie. A lady I worked for met her a few times, said she is literally like a gazelle (I think thats a good thing):

iman-cosmetics-400a121307.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x533 pixels).jpg

3. Christy Turlington

For me always the most beautiful of all the Supermodels. Married to Ed Burns, who is a bit of a douche.


4. Queen Rania of Jordan

Well, she’s a Queen, has four kids (am I allowed to call them kids?) with King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein. She’s so pretty, and does a lot for Women’s rights in the Middle East:

queen-rania-of-jordan-11235-20090516-66.jpg (JPEG Image, 295x340 pixels).jpg

5. Audrey Tautou:

My favourite French actress, although there are many many stunning French actresses. Loved her in Amélie although its opened the door to 100s of less than delicate girls being christened with that name.

“Amélie! Come ‘ere NOW, or you’re not ‘avin fish fingers tonight!”


Just Missed Out:

Raquel Welsh, Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn = all completely obvious, don’t need me to say how stunning they are

Angelina and Natalie Portman = Gorgeous, but annoying

Scar Jo = I kind of like her even though she’s a blonde, she’s like a juicy peach without the fuzz

Victoria Beckham……..I kid, I kid

Tell me, who are your top beauties?

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    • Row says

      Hi Abbie

      She’s cute (Kristen Stewart) she’s playing Joan Jett in a film soon isn’t she?

  1. Diyana says

    LOVE iman too!! I like your idea of beauty :)
    Mine are:
    Grace Kelly
    Sophia Loren
    Ava Gardner
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Thay are so regal.
    Bond girls Ursula Andress & BARBARA BACH!!! Oh god!!

    Even unphotoshopped they kicked everyones ass.

    I do love marilyn monroe and ADORE Brigitte Bardot but she’s really really annoying.

    • Row says

      Hi Diyana

      Brigette went a but nutty didn’t she? I love your list, old glamour for sure! Grace Kelly! Ahhhhh

  2. says

    I really like Audrey Tautou too 😀
    I also find Milla Jovovich very pretty, and Ashley Greene. Oh, don’t want to forget the Deschanel Sisters, Zooey and Emily, they have the most amazing skins ever!

  3. says

    Fun, I listed mine on my blog a couple of weeks ago:

    Jean Seberg
    Anna Karina
    Debbie Harry
    Edie Sedgwick

    Love your choice of Queen Rania, she is beautiful.

    • Row says

      Hey Lipglossiping –

      I love all of your choices, especiale Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg and Anna Karina!!!! I LOVE Anna Karina x

  4. says

    Jihae, Marilyn Monroe, Blake Lively, Prince, Lindsay Lohan

    Kooks some, but with looks, that is not an ultimate list just off the top of my head. But HAVE you seen this!

    Love the Little Prince Tsumori Chisato shadow………..

  5. Linh says

    I notice out of the 5 you picked 4 are Caucasian (or Caucasian looking). And you are Asian correct? I think that reflects how there needs to be more models of color on the catwalks. But I can think of plenty of beautiful Asian models.
    Also, old school glamor was never not “fake”. They used really thick pan-cake makeup/foundation and because of photo quality back in the day (no HD!) you wouldnt be able to tell. And I’m sure many women in the 60s bleached their hair blonde, or they would if they were able to. Point is, I don’t get why people who wear makeup proclaim “natural is beautiful” when clearly natural is NOT what they want to look like, but a “better version” of themselves (and thats not something to be ashamed of either). To me, beauty is beauty, whether or not it is synthetic (man-made) or not.

    • Row says

      Hi Linh

      Well I don’t think that just because I am Asian (and proud of that heritage) I need to pick Asian women as my beauties.

      I could have been contrived and picked someone African, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indian…….there are beautiful women all around the world but I just picked the top 5 that spring to mind. I agree there should be more Asian models where possible as fashion models, on TV, just as general role models – although I personally wasn’t picking on beauty alone but also on people who have carved a clear message or career for themselves.

      Also I know that the old school actresses, if anything, caked themselves in make up and improved themselves. But I bet a lot of these women, the Hepburns and Lorens of the world, if they scrubbed off every scrap of make up still have those amazing eyes and bone structures. There is class and elegance there that isn’t something you can fake with make up.

      Also there is a difference between “better version” which I think most women go for – covering up the spots, the dark circles, lipstick, a bit of shimmer to make yourself better – and someone who no longer looks anything like themselves (see Jordan). You can’t compare the average woman who uses concealer) and wears mascara (and does want to appear ‘naturally beautiful’ is anything like Jordan who has numerous surgical procedures, is is constantly deep orange.

      Anyway interesting point and thanks for opening up the debate!

    • Row says

      Hi Gwen

      Julianne Moore is like a real woman, isn’t she? Aww I love Audrey – her cuteness is her charm isn’t it?

  6. Linh says

    What you said about Jordan is really true. And I agree with your other points including picking women of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Its just interesting to me that most women would name Caucasian, it really reflects how our standards of beauty are shaped by the media.

    And back to Jordan, I do think that woman is ridiculous and very very fake. But I also don’t think its really anything new. Throughout history, both men and women pursue unhealthy and also very terrifying procedures just for the sake of living up to their standard of beauty. But you’re right about the everyday woman vs. Jordan (And I am sure or I hope, most sane men would want an everyday woman versus someone who seems more like a caricature of a women than anything..) I completely agree, but it isn’t any less natural (I know I am being very strict in this sense) but it also doesn’t mean it should be something we forbid or try to deter others from (after all I AM reading your blog on pretty a daily basis). It also has me thinking about how many young people take these media cues and also try to pursue these ideals of beauty. Maybe thats why I see a lot of women wearing way too much makeup during the day (whereas if it were nighttime it’d be pretty). I’m glad you posted this; Now I understand better why you chose your top 5 beauties. And thanks for responding in such a calm and rational way, I was pretty hesitant posting my comment but I’m glad I did.

    Anyway, I just realized I didn’t even respond to the question you asked!…Audrey Hepburn, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh and Aishwarya Rai are my top picks for beauty.

    • Row says

      Hi Linh

      Thanks for replying again! Your comment really got me thinking and that’s a good thing – I certainly don’t want a blog where readers don’t feel comfortable having a debate!

      I guess Western culture (hollywood stars for example) are everywhere, hence people tend to aspire to them? I was thinking if I wasn’t raised in a Western country perhaps my list – infact I am sure – my list would be different. We are so easily shaped by our idea of what beauty is by the media which of course makes me think, how does someone who looks nothing like that deal with their insecurities (if they have them) about their appearance?

      Its also interesting (and perhaps worth a post at some point) how every culture has different ideas of beauty? My mother and a lot of Chinese and Japanese women I think, emphasize looking after the Skin and this is reflected a lot in the diet too. No woman in my family wears or has as much make up as me (although it is my hobby). I also think (what do you think about this?) that in a lot of Asian cultures, cosmetic surgery is seen as cheating. “Yeah, she’s pretty but her nose has been done anyway”…whereas in Western culture (not as much in British but in American) surgery is just one of those things.

      The other thing I was thinking, was how the media and society does push certain ideals – there is a show called Snog, Marry, Avoid in the UK, where a ‘fake’ looking woman is made over to a more ‘natural’ version of themselves, and then men in the street decide if they will ‘snog, marry or avoid’ them. As much as the show is Voyeuristic fun, it really shows how people need to strip away individuality and how people still really value what some complete strange man in the street think of them. They usually change opinion from ‘I would Avoid her’ to ‘I would Snog her’. Who cares, random man in the street! Is that a compliment!

      Feminism Eh!

      Of Asian actresses, I think Michelle Reiss is beautiful, Ada Choi, Ling Ling….kind of the ones I grew up watching on video!!

  7. says

    I really was about to say my mom…(She does have long, thick shiny hair, small pointy chin, big eyes and big…Ok, she is going to beat me up.)

    For the celebrity (in no order)
    1. Megan Fox (Thanks to the surgeon.)
    2.Scarlett Johansen (sp?)
    3.Elizabeth Taylor (way back when…)
    4. Grace Kelly
    5. Empress Michiko of Japan (She was so gorgeous when she was in her 20s-30s…Too bad her daughter looks like her dad though…I am going to get burned for saying this.)

  8. says

    I was in MAC Brighton when Jordan came in with her film crew last summer, I used to live there (in MAC), and she was often around the city (my gran used to see her all the time in M&S at Shoreham and even she said how pretty she was). This day she was wearing a bikini and had her hair up a la Wonder Woman and was shopping for eyelashes.

    She was genuinely one of the most striking people I’ve ever set eyes on, I protest to anyone who knocks her, she has assets sure and a look which she sells but the maintenance to achieve that kind of look must be incredible, I see it as actually an art form in itself. Her physique though enhanced was phenomenal and her face was proportioned clearly for camera.

    Not natural no, and pushing the boundaries of beauty, her original nose was lovely but hey so’s mine :)

    • Row says

      Hi Li

      Yeah, ignoring Jordan’s personal life, I think most people, even if they don’t like her (and I am indifferent to her and the Andre creature) will agree she started off very much as a naturally beautiful girl (in terms of face, bone structure, big eyes, full lips, nice figure etc.)

      There was even a point when she was surgically enhanced when she still had nice features and a toned slim figure and she has very fiery eyes…but recently….my personal opinion, she’s actually scary. Its like there’s a line that someone crosses where they are part gargole-part human. ugly-pretty. or pretty…..

      It will be interesting to see if our perceptions of beauty change in the next 10 years. Who will our daughters choose as their beauties? Is there a kind of beauty that truly defies time?

  9. says

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  10. Genevieve says

    Growing up in NYC I saw many models rushing to assignments, unmade up. What they had going for them is that they are photogenic and lanky. I have seen Penthouse and Playboy centerfolds (don’t ask how) being readied for stage shows. You would be amazed at how much airbrushing, photoshop, etc., has been done on their photos. I was not shocked, after much research through hundreds of photos, do discover that Jean Shrimpton had her nose done when she was very young, justgetting into modeling. There is no contesting the photos; clearly the tip of her nose was shortened and pushed up. My sister had the same nose job done in the 60s. Jean’s nose turned out OK, but her nostrils were huge. Also I believe that they had lip filler way back then, though not available to the public. In the photos I turned up of Jean with her original nose, her upper lip was very much thinner than in later photos. So, even these most beautiful of women are often hype, lighting, makeup, and photoshop. Jean may even have brown eyes, as I saw many photos with brown eyes. Even back then photos could be manipulated. Certainly from photo to photo her ‘blue’ eyes were radically different in color. In that business, as in movies, everyone has had something done surgically. It’s a ritual of some type. I focus on Jean because she was the icon of beauty when I was younger. In outdoor photos and some studio shots, she had an eyebag problem that also affected her naso-labial area. NO ONE’S PERFECT!

  11. Genevieve says

    Check this out. It’s Jean at age 54. You cannot discern BLUE EYES. She also had not kept up with plastic surgery and was, well, looking quite her age. I find that still photos of Jean flatter her more than moving footage. She is 68 now. There is one photo of her around, black and white, with David Bailey. She had plastic surgery apparently after this video, done in 1996, and is unrecognizable as jean Shrimpton. Google Jean Shrimpton Now and you’ll see the photo.