Cosme Decorte, Having Kittens

I have never tried Magie Deco products before but I adore any type of liquid eyeshadow so had to give this range a go:

Cosme Decorte Fairy Eyes:





The colours come with an unusal flat brush which makes the colours easy to apply in an intense way.

They have a lovely, multi coloured shimmer, that Japanese wet eyeshadows tend to have (it is similar to Visee Aqua Eyes).

The lasting power is great and well worth trying – the green is my favourite. I like these a bit more than Visee and a little less that Paul & Joe’s eye gloss.

I got some books this week from Amazon:

Everyone has got to have a Moleskine notebook to scribble in! But then we decided to take on (along with work, freelance projects and more)….four little kittens. We are looking after them while our friends and family who want to raise them get their homes prepared for the new arrivals.

We decided they needed nail clipping:

And of course a bath:

(Sorry the comic is a little small, you can click on it for a larger version if you so wish).

They are a handful and our gorgeous little kitten is not pleased with their presence so far (cat’s hissing – what a sound!!). Still, its been a lot of fun having them, they are very cute, very clever, and very fast!

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  1. Row says


    Yeah thats soooooooooo funny. They were pretty well behaved to be honest, our big cat was NOT happy when she got a bath,

  2. MandyPandy says

    I once fostered 4 feral kittens and when they came down with giardia I had to bathe them regularly (almost daily), until the medication took effect. They kept acting like I was going to drown them, each time, no matter how many baths they’d survived. And they didn’t trust my blow-dryer.

    There has to be an easier way to clean cats. The dry-cleaners, perhaps.

  3. Row says

    Well these ones we have were a little er, encrusted, shall we say. Bath time was essential quite frankly. But a blow dryer?! No wonder they didn’t like it!

  4. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    awww those kittens are cute! are they a specific breed or a mix?

    the eyeshadows look really pretty. at first i thought they were nailpolishes, haha 😛 Do they dry fairly quickly?