Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme

Ladies, I got it! I debated for a while is this palette was worth £60!

I don’t think any palette is necessarily worth that but…well the economy is depressed, and I spend only to help me follow citizens.

Here it is!:


Beautiful case:


With flash:




Quick Eye I did:


The camera was a bit sorry so the colours are a tiny bit off. The green is more vivd than on here.

AQ is a very expensive make up brand – clearly – and I have owned one of their semi circle eyeshadow palettes which I think are rubbish considering the price.

These new ones are much much much better.

They are nicely pigmented and the colour combination is really stunning. You can wear the green on its own for a emerald look, but when blended with the sparkly black, you get quite a smoked eye (which is what I did on the picture above). It lasted all day too.


Stunning colours
Nice Textures
Nice Packaging



Nevertheless – we are all gonna get sugar daddies, aren’t we? Therefore I give it:

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    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      On this photo and when its blended into the black its quite mossy. If you tap it on on its own its more Emerald, like a forest green, Let me have a think about Dupes. I’m sure MAC would have something, but wahts nice about this is that it is neither metallic nor matte….its something in the dark spot…

  1. Mable says

    UWA. Nice! It looks reaally good. I might have to help out in our economy too. Hahaha.

    Did you put a light sweep of black all over the lid before you followed-up with the green to get this effect?

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      Nope just a bare lid. But if I put it on black, wow, it would be really really vivid. This was my day to day eye look so I couldn’t go too dramatic or I’d scare the children!