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  1. Wendy says

    Hi Row,

    I loveeee your blog! I found out about the amazing Sleek palettes from one of your posts and I will be forever grateful. =] I was looking through your older posts again and I saw pictures of the Visee nail polish on your January 27th post. I was wondering if you would be willing to part with either the blue or the mauvish color on the top right corner? I would, of course, pay full price and shipping! I looked up the colors on adambeauty and they are sold out of either color and I have noo idea how to order on their site. =[ Thanks Row!



  2. Charlotte Dale says

    Hi Row

    I work with Lina Prestwood, she’s away on leave and I need to get in touch with you but don’t have your email. Could you drop me a line thanks.


  3. Geraline says

    I saw that you have the Garnier Vital Restore in your blog. I thought of getting 1 for my sister. But prior to that, I wish to look at the ingredient list as she has sensitive skin. Could you kindly share the ingredients list on the packaging with me? Can you scan a picture let me see? They only launch this range in europe, so I don’t think I’ll be able to find it in Singapore here. Thanks alot!

  4. G says

    Hello, i have been looking at your blog which is really interesting and informative, can i please ask how you found out about the body shop event days and other event days, i am a makeup artist trying to make my own blog and would appreciate your input-thankyou

  5. says

    ooh! i have stumbled across your website and LOVE it! i am looking for an unusual perfume for my wedding day cos i want him to smell something he has never smelt before – any suggestions? i live in the uk and lov the sound of the sula stuff but not sure where i could get it?
    i currently wear philosophy falling in love if that helps?
    would love your expertise….

  6. Row says

    Geraline – I threw the box away but I will try to take a photo of another box the next time I am out. Its really hard to find the ingredients online too!

  7. Row says

    Hi G

    I am doing a post on starting your own blog soon! I was invited to the Body Shop event. If you are based in the UK email me with your info I may be able to get you on future guest lists.

  8. Row says

    Hi Viv!

    Sula is sold in Space NK in the UK, check them out! What kind of scents do you like? Something quote fresh and floral for your wedding day? I am not very good with fragrances but I am in love with the new Chanel Eau Premiere and Armani Sheer Summer.

  9. says

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  10. Deanna says

    I think you’re twitter link is wrong, it keeps asking me for a username and password?

  11. says

    Hello Cosmetic Candy,

    I was looking through your beauty blog and I was wondering if you ever do product testing? I work for a lovely company called Crystal Spring , and we produce – amongst other things – all natural deodorants .

    Would you mind if I sent you a free sample to try? Afterwards, if you don’t mind, we would really appreciate it if you could share your experience of using our product to your readers.

    If you are interested, please could you pass on a postal address for me to send it to, and I’ll make sure its with you asap.


    Regards from Eastleigh, Hampshire

  12. louise says

    Hi Row, Its Lou from Nars,first of all let me say sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I have just moved house and as a result my pc has been in pieces in a box and has taken me about a week to put it back together and get re-connected!lol!Well let me tell you the new summer colours have landed at my counter and i would love for you to come and see them i just love them!Leena called in the other day and i said you may be popping in she said you will love them mainly the new eyeshadow called Tropic its soooooooooooo nice! They are only at Selfridges at the moment till May so please do pop in and see or even book in for the launch party if you want?
    Well i hope to see you soon take care huni and keep these fab reviews coming luv lou x

  13. Kate says

    This is Kate from Arkansas, I have been debating on whether to tell you the story about my mother or not, but recently I was on your blog and she walked in and asked what I was doing, and how helpful you were, and it occurred to me you might just care enough to hear her story. Well my mom has always been a teacher at my school in the small town in Arkansas. Well when I reached the 7th grade, for us, thats highschool, you would imagine any teenager reaching the stage of crushes and stuff like that, they would need there mom to be there for them. Well my mom has always been a leader in our community, arranging things for the needy and helping those who need just about anything, whether it be a roof for a little while or clothes, she was there. And let me tell you she knows just about everyone in out town, and everywhere we go she knows someone. But anyway when I got into the 7th grade, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. They found a brain tumor on her brain stem, and she had to undergo surgery to remove it. As they did, she remained out of commission from school and the community. But the support of our community was amazing. They tested the tumor and found that it was not cancerous, but in safe terms that it didn’t come back she had to have radiation. And after this she was very tired most of the time, and didn’t have enough energy, but continued to go back to school and teach almost a month later full-time. Well I guess a year and half later she went for a scan to just check, and the tumor had come back, but instead of one it was three this time, so she had to undergo surgery once again. This time the tumors were much farther into the brain, so the doctors feared that they may cause serious damage trying to get to them. But they decided that surgery was necessary, so she had surgery the summer before my 9th grade year. This time it effected her speech, eye-sight, and balance, and after the surgery these tumors were tested and they had been cancerous, so mom had to have chemotherapy. So its been like 4 and half years later and after 2 brain surgeries, chemo and radiation, and during that time losing both of her parents, one to a heart attack and the other to major complications, she still only things of everyone but herself. She went back to work and is at like her 27 year of teaching at school, and still doing many community service projects. I am a senior now, and I just want you to know that going through that time made me much stronger, and makes you realize alot of things. My mom was her highschool homecoming queen and always wanted me to have the same honor, and this year I was crowned Homecoming Queen of our school. She always wanted me to but school first, and I am now the Valedictorian of my senior class. So in ways I am so happy I have been able to live up to her expectations. But makeup has always been an outlet for my expression, and a way for me and her to bond. We do each others makeup regularly, even though she cant exactly see the greatest to do mine, when she does it, it makes her feel like she is useful for something, and I would never take that away fro her. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. for being another outlet where we can bond. You are amazing

  14. Kate says


    I found the top 5 shampoo/conditioners that are paraben/sls free very useful. I wondered if there are any for foundation – I have tried a few but the coverage just isn’t great – can anyone help?

    Many thanks,


    • Row says

      Hi Kate

      You can email me of rowena(at)

      What is it you want, a foundation without what ingredient? Foundations don’t really have SLS but you can get ones without Parabens, is this what you want to find?

  15. Li says

    I’ve changed my mind about the cat clip, whilst my cat likes being played with i’d never tape socks on his paws :(

    • Row says

      Li! Cat yodelling! I wouldn’t tape socks although I would put them in some Uggs, if only they made cat uggs!