Comparison: MAC Hello Kitty Fun & Games and Nars Gina Blusher

A reader was asking me if Hello Kitty Fun and Games was similar to Nars Gina (or different enough to warrant a purchase) so here is a belated comparison:


Yeah, Nars packaging always gets dusty. So irritating. I noticed from my even older Nars stuff, it’s got sticky and some of the packaging bubbles and peels off!


On the left is Gina and on the right is Fun and Games. As you can see, Gina is deeper in colour, is a stronger orange and is matte. F&G is a lighter peach, it might not show on darker skins and has a pale shimmer to it.


Different enough to buy both? OF COURSE!

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  1. says

    thanks for the comparison!

    i’m still on the fence. arghhhhhhhhh!!!

    i love beauty powder blushers and it’s agonizing!

    • Row says

      Hey Lyn!

      I am just playing – you really don’t need BOTH. Are you quite dark? I’d go for Gina. Fun and Games is a bit more pearly though, more er…fun!?