Comment of the month

You regulars better step up your comments because Anonymous left a comment that took me 15 minutes to read. I’ve decided to award her (I presume its a her) comment of the month.

Here it is:

Anonymous said…

I have just watch Gordon Ramsey 1hr cook show and he cooked with Amanda Holden. I had to write this as I have just spent an hour watching her in disbelief!! I CANNOT STAND HER – SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING TO WATCH! She was trying desperately to be sexy and risqué on screen to appeal to all the men out there. She had to let us know she was wearing stockings within two minutes of being on stage and we had to see just how ‘flexible’ she was as she performed the splits hitching up her dress, anything to flash her legs. I cannot stand her voice. The worst thing about her is the fact she has sooooo obviously had BOTOX as the top lip doesn’t move and is pouty – i.e. LOOKS FAKE! She looks just like every other celeb who emerges after years of nothing – a face full of BOTOX! She goes on Britain’s Got Talent, her first big break and she thinks she’s up there – A LIST! Her tacky banter throughout the show made my skin crawl, endless innuendoes – crringgge – she thinks she is so funny! You’re not love. Why do M list celebrities who aren’t exactly young anymore feel the need to talk in innuendoes, try to be filthy? She just wants men to lust after her, she wants to be seen as a sex symbol, praying she’ll appear in FHM’s top 100. She looks trashy and a complete idiot! She ‘thought’ Gordon was flirting with her and she made some comment about girls in the audience would be getting creamy in their knickers now… classy lady!!!:-/ She said at one point, if you ignore me I’ll keep flashing my bum – nice! She obviously didn’t give a shit how his wife might feel as she flirted with him. Also why do ‘has beens’ who are over the hill, but try so desperately to be young, feel the need to swear all the time, like it makes them look cool!?!?!?!? I have never written online ever about someone until now – until her!!! I need to vent this anger. After that torturous hour I then stayed on C4 to watch Ding Dong with Alan Carr, a nice relief from that irritating women and low and behold – she’s only in this show as well. Jesus – GET HER OFF THE SCREENS!! Alan Carr has just made a gag about Danni Minogue’s plastic face and the rest of the guests laughed and so did Amanda, she pulled this face as if to say ‘naughty Alan’ with a big smirk on her face. Kettle – Black!? Sorry love but I have no idea why you are laughing, she looks no different to you, in fact she actually looks better!! She has just laughed at a gag about Peaches Geldof’s face as well! Seriously my dear, you really need to look in the mirror. Also, your daughter will be sooo proud of your performance on tonight’s Gordon Ramsey show. Enjoy explaining the creamy knickers gag! Such elegance and charm – NOT! At least Les Dennis has decorum and dignity now AND HAD A LUCKY ESCAPE. Maybe she should take a leaf out of his book. I actually feel sorry for him, she loves it when people make gags about him and always smirks and laughs along. I think he will be the one laughing now – at YOU! How old is she? She behaves like you would expect the likes of Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton to act – they’re young, they CAN! Someone one on Ding Dong has just told her she has brains as well as beauty – SHE LOVES IT! A lot of attention is now being given to Carol Vorderman, she is being told she is super sexy and young looking. Our Amanda won’t like that, the attention isn’t on her! Hilarious!:-D

It’s nice to know I provide a service to someone out there!

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