Collection & Swatches: Scott Barnes Royal Eye Ice Loose Pigment Eyeshadows

So I went through a phase of deciding I had to have lots and lots of things from the Scott Barnes collection so I picked up several of these Eye Ice pigments too from StrawberryNet.

These loose pigment eyeshadows come in a number of jewel tones. Like with all loose pigment eyeshadows, one needs to take more time with application, and needs to be careful incase of fall out.

Scott Barnes Eye Ice.jpg

Each of the shadows come in one of these ‘cubes':

Scott Barnes eye ice-1.jpg

Rather snazzy but a little impractical. You can tip a bit into the lid, or tap a bit into your hand/tissue or dip a narrow brush in. At least you won’t loose lots of product if you accidently drop it but still…I would have liked a wider ‘neck’ to stick my brush in.

I picked up 6 shades in the end.

Lame: A white gold

Imperial Gold: A rich antique gold

Treasure: A brown with blue highlights

Serpentine: A dirty chocolate brown

Empress: A dark aubergine

Fever: A light gold peach

scott barnes eye ice swatches.jpg

Whoops, forgot to photograph Fever, here it is:

scott barnes fever.jpg

The pigmentation is excellent (as you can see), the powders are very fine texture, not bitty or chunky at all which makes them nice to use. All in all, recommended. I paid about £8 each for these.

I’d highly recommend Imperial Gold, followed by Serpentine, then Treasure (although the blue brown thing has been done a million times before). Gah – what the heck, just buy all of them!

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