Coffret D’or Palette Review

Kanebo got rid of my beloved T’estimo and replaced it with Coffret D’or. I haven’t fallen madly in love with the brand so far, although the line looks quite sophistacated. I think the items are a little more expensive than T’estimo, also, T’estimo had some lovely, unusal palette combos.

Anyhow, here is the diamante studded case:

I chose palette 02 (blue) since the other three did not attract me – they were a little dull. This palette features four extremely soft shades, that leave colour in a wash of iridecent shimmer. The white strip is not cream, but a powder with shimmer. It is typical of Japanese eyeshadows, in that it has a gorgeous, elegant super shimmer.

I also like the generous brush sizes. They are useable, unlike a lot of sponges that come with quads.

I highly recommend this – it is great quality but the combos aren’t for me as they are not that unusual. Bring out more Kanebo!

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  1. PJ says

    Hello Row,

    Thank you for posting the review and photos of this palette.

    My purple one (#04) is on its way, and I am very excited about trying it out. I will certainly write a post about it later on!


  2. Row says

    Hey PJ

    I couldn’t decide between the blue and purple palette! So I will check out your review before purchasing! :)