C’offret Dor Combient Rouge

I love my little make up bag…well, medium sized make up bag, the one I carry round with me. Tis a dialemma to decide what to put in to sometimes. I want products that are quick and easy to apply; I want sticks and wants, cream formulas so I don’t have to carry many brushes. I need essentials like concealer and powder and lipsticks. I don’t want the bag to be too big or heavy – I don’t want it to carry my most precious items, otherwise what would I do if I lost it?

I saw C’offret Dors Combient rouge and loved it immediately – a combo of lipstick and gloss?! Wow!

After all glosses fade a little too quickly on their own sometimes, don’t they?

There are 13 shades altogether so far with the Combient Rouge range. The colours look pretty similar – beiges, pinks, browns so far – nothing especially radical.

I found the shape of the lipstick end is great – it doubles as a lipliner too so its everything you need.

I got shade 10 – a pink and 11 which I guessed would be a warm goldy brown.

The lipstick side is a tiny bit drying on me – I have naturally dry lips though but with gloss on top it is not an issue at all. Of course you can use the ends on their own depending on how you are feeling. The lip colour is matte but the gloss is super sparkly – so you can combine as you wish.

You can get this at Strawberrynet now for around £13.50 or Adambeauty for £12. Bargain! Its more innovative then anything you can find on the western market for lippies anyhow.

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