Clinique Make Up Brush Cleaner

I have a few different ways of cleaning my make up brushes. I have a Paula Dorf brush shampoo with is lathery, but hard to wash out. Its good for a deep clean but impractical for the amount of brushes I have – it takes too long.

I use Isopropyl Alcohol a lot but this can be drying is used all the time. Its quick though, sanitary and dries fast.

Everytime I do a brush clean I end up with this:

A big pile of brushes in a messy state. So I decided to avoid these big brush clean outs every 2 weeks I needed a product I could use easily day to day so I didn’t end up with 50 super dirty brushes.

Voila! Clinique spray brush cleaner:

Essentially it is still alcohol based but there are also some moisturizing properties in there too.

Its a very easy to use product and at £12 for 200ml its not badly priced. To me, its a zillion times better than Mac brush cleaner which is neither here nor there.

You use about 2-3 pumps and wipe with a tissue – so its pretty quick cleaning and not bad too:

It got my brush pretty clean and it dried quickly so I could use it immediately.

I don’t even like Clinique but I do like this product!

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