Click it! Jouer Cosmetics Review; SPF Bronzer, Lip Gloss and Lip Treatment

Typing Click It! makes me think of Bop It! – who has a Bop It? I was only introduced into it’s amazingness a few months ago and now I understand why it is the job of every person who knows a 10 year old to buy one of these for them…it’s so annoying, it’s funny.

Jouer Cosmetics (meaning ‘to play’) is a clickable make up system – or perhaps I am rushing ahead of myself.  The brand is from the USA and it’s very special feature is the click/slide system that fits the products together so it’s a palette, but not a palette.

You know I love these kind of products:
Jouer Bronzer Lip Gloss Lip Balm

The range features foundation, powder, bronzers, eyeshadows, cheek and lip tints…they all will fit together until you have an A4 sized block of pure cosmetics…..although A4 may be exaggerating things somewhat.

I reckon you could get a nice size of products with say, two long items (the powders and foundation) and 2-4 of the smaller blocks (like eyeshadow and cheek tint).  The lip stick also slots in which is a really nice idea – much better than creating a lipstick in a compact which can be messy to use:


Jouer Cosmetics 2

I was sent the SPF bronzer and a lip gloss to try out.  The packaging does work – it’s boxiness and brown packaging could be seen as a bit drab but in this context, I just think it looks good – kind retro.

The Replenish and Protect Hydrating Bronzer has a high spf of 39 and is very creamy and buttery soft to feel. There are no shimmery bits in it and it’s a nice shade of brown, without too much orange and it’s pigmented.

The Moisturising lip gloss is nice too although quite standard in terms of texture, colour, finish – I think I have the shade Tender a neutral pinky brown.  In this instance I wouldn’t necessarily hunt out another gloss other than for the reason it clicks in with the rest of the range.

Here is how it all slots in – it slides…when you are fuzzy eyed in the morning its surprisingly tricky to do and if you’re drunk, forget it.  Once it clicks in it’s secure although it moves a little bit. I have a wobble phobia.

Jouer Cosmetics Make Up Lip Gloss Bronzer

I also got sent a lip treatment which looks like nothing special but is really nice and reminds me of Lavshuca’s Perfect Gloss but less glossy. My lips were noticeably softer.


Jouer Cosmetics Bronzer

All in all it’s a nice range and worth checking out – the slidey feature is certainly very cool.

Check out the Jouer range at Cult Beauty – the bronzer is £24 and the lip gloss is £16.

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  1. BooBooNinja says

    How is the makeup ban going?
    Good luck! I think I might have to do the same thing.
    Maybe limit myself only to swaps.
    question to self: does it count if I use a gift card?

  2. Jen says

    I’d read about this on the Dailymail of all places lol My only problem would be, once all the products were slotted together, they would no longer fit inside my makeup bag!

  3. Courtney says

    Love your product reviews. I’m always trying out new makeup brands. I use the makeover tool at to get ideas of what colors look best for my skin tone.