Clever Sun Protection! Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen Review

The sun has got it’s hat on today, so I’ve decide to quickly let you know about this extremely clever little sunscreen in tube thing!  This Instant Mineral Sunscreen is a powder – in a sense nothing new because a lot of mineral make up is known for it’s SPF properties. 

This product however looks tinted but doesn’t show up on the skin as a colour and can be used on the whole family (from babies 6 months and upwards). It is also water resistant and comes in a brush form so it’s handy to use and carry around. 

Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen Review

If you have heard of the Susan Posnick brand, then you’ll know her most well known product is the Colorflo Mineral Make Up which I really do like as it gives such a natural and blowy finish for a mineral make up. No surprise perhaps, that Brush on Block comes in the same vehicle, so to speak – a self dispensing brush with the powder in the bottom. 

A quick note about getting this powder flowing – I got confused because when you turn the base to ‘open’, it keeps going until the base is removable (technically speaking you could keep reusing the brush as you can put any powder you want in it, altho there are Brush on Block refills).  To use it, just lightly turn it to open and don’t push it too far to get the powder flowing.  At one point I got so confused I thought you dipped the brush into the powder! 

Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen Review 2

The bristles are synthetic but they are also soft to touch, quite firm because it’s a dense brush, and it doesn’t shed. It’s not a ‘loose’ as a traditional powder brush but it’s nice to use.  It’s certainly a durable little thing. You can put the lid on like with most retractable brushes by bringing up the plastic cap thing that holds the brush together. 

Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen Review 3

Anyway, I am quite taken in by this nifty product, which at first glance I thought was gimmicky. Because we have always been told to put SPF lotion or cream on, using a powder feels like cheating.  But why not?

As someone who is lazy with the SPF (although my foundation almost always contains SPF) and doesn’t use it on cloudy days, this is a super easy way for me to brush on some SPF (and also set my make up a bit too!).  It doesn’t add any colour although it is somewhat tinted, and I used it on Baby H, and he seemed ok with me using it on him.  

Don’t get me wrong – on a very sunny day, on a tropical beach – I would use a traditional cream and I would make sure I was slathered in it too, but for every day use (bearing in mind I live in CLOUDY-RAINY LAND) I am more than happy to generously powder with this product – it doesn’t seem to affect my make up or skin negatively at all and I can quickly get a bit on the Mr and Toddler.  


Susan Posnick Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen Review 1

Also the other think I like about Susan Posnick powders in a brush, is that the powder flows wonderfully thorough it – you know how some powders in brushes don’t really come through unless you shake them, then the powder goes everywhere?  This powder goes through to the brush easily which just makes it a bit quicker. You don’t need to click the brush, it just flows through. 

Brush on Block refills cost around £13 and the Brush and Powder costs around £20-£25 (I am seeing varied prices online).  One retailer is Dermacare who charge £22.50 but with free uk Shipping. 


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    • Row says

      Hey Sian

      I guess it makes sense thinking about it now – how Mineral make up goes on about naturally having SPF but using this solely as sun protection does feel a bit odd!