Clever New Year Facial: Environ Hydraboost at Harvey Nichols Manchester Review & £25 Facial Offer

One of my New Years resolutions, amongst many other work and family things, is to sort out my skin.  I have been very lazy over the last year with looking after my skin, and obviously I am noticing things I don’t like, like under eye creasy bits, some pigmentation on my cheeks and blocked pores.  So….this year it’s time for some skin loving!

I had a facial with Environ, a skincare company who is based on results and treating the skin from inside and out.  The range was developed by Dr Des Fernandes (see him talk about this facial treatment in a video at the end of this post!). There’s quite a lot to talk about with this facial as it’s the most unusual one I have ever tried, but the result is great. 

Vitamin A is the most important part of the Environ treatment because it promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin, moisture and lightens pigmentation and improve tone.  



The total treatment time takes 1.5 hours and begins with a 30 minute skincare consultation using the Visia machine.  These are the same as the ones used at Elemis (look here to see how they work). I am always happy to have this machine check out my skin and see if there are any new issues – it’s always a bit scary seeing the lines and sun damage on my skin but at least these things can be helped.  If you have never had a skin scan before, then boy are you in for a treat! 

What Environ also do which other brands don’t, is get you back 3 months after (if using their products) to see what improvements have happened to your skin. I will blog specifically about this with the numbed and images in a few months time. 

Talking to my therapist, Holly, it became very clear that Environ teach them well.  She could answer my skin questions and created a list of products 


The treatment is very interesting!

The skin begins with a cleanse, and using the AVST Pre-Cleansing oil which helps remove make up and dissolves congestion in the pores.  

The AVST Hydrating Exfoliant Masque is then applied OVER the oil and this helps life off the dead skin cells, then the skin is cleanser again using the cleansing gel or cream, then the toner is used.  This part of the facial has the soft music and is very relaxing like most facials are.  

The next part is the ‘Vitamin Penetration’ where a AVST Treatment Gel (a professional salon product) and a serum is used (either a vitamin serum or a hydrating gel).  Holly felt the vitamin serum would be best for me (there are also two other kinds of gels if intensive anti-ageing is what you want.  

A thick layer, and I mean thick, was applied to my skin – the gel felt cooling and comfortable.  A probe is then applied to the skin in a circular motion (doesn’t hurt but you hear humming) and this probe creates sound waves and electrical pulses to push the gel into the deeper layers of the skin.  The odd thing is the gel all disappeared as it was absorbed into my skin – the weirdest thing – and my skin felt like a juicy peach (please see the video for a good visual guide!).

Next up was more electrical shenanigans – the Masque. 

A very creamy super thick rubbery feel Alginate Masque is freshly mixed and applied over the face and next, even covering the eyes and lips (the nostrils are left free, so if you have a blocked nose, now is the time to let the therapist know!).  Then, the therapies applies an electric current to the edge of the mask using crocodile clips. The weirdest thing about this is that when the machine is switched on (and off) you get a flash of electricity that leaves a strong metallic taste in the mouth! It fades though and the buzzing whilst super odd, it not painful. 

You also get a hand massage at the point!

Finally – the clips are removed and the masque is peeled off – my skin felt pretty good after this, and a cream was applied.  

Here is a video which isn’t completely like how I had my facial but the two electrical treatments are the same:



The most interesting facial I have ever had, my skin felt brighter, and very very plump.  I am sure that with a course of treatments it could really help with my skin condition overall – I don’t think is this a quick fix type of facial although I had minimal redness so it could also work as a boost prior to say a night out.  

I can’t wait to take up the skincare and go back for the scan in 3 months!

£25 Facial and Skin Scan Offer – Be Quick!

Book a consultation before the 31st January 2014 and get a complimentary Visia skin analysis and Environ Hydraboost facial for a £25 booking fee, REDEEMABLE against products purchased (usually £75).  I really must tell you this is a brilliant offer and I would recommend it (especially at that price) any ANYONE.  

*Complimentary treatment 

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    I clicked on this because I’ve never had a facial. I had always heard they were painful. Yours sounds like a good experience. Maybe I will go check it out. Looking forward to your follow up post!