Clearlast Face Powder, High Coverage


As the weather rises (and shall rapidly fall again – no doubt about that) I realised I was beginning to look like a sweaty betty. I don’t love face powders at all – most look cakey on me, so I was looking for something with good coverage yet light with staying power.

Then I found Clearlast powder, from B&C Labs, Japan.

There was only one shade, Mat Ocher.


It was darker than I expected, since a lot of Japanese Brands do light light shades for their powders.

First of all despite the huge tub its not a loose powder its pressed. Oh why oh why oh why did they have to put it in such a hugeeeee tub. It takes up space in the bag, its screw on so takes time to open and it comes with a giant puffy, er, puff. Impractical! Tut.

The powder itself if FAB. At first I felt the coverage wasn’t as great as it claimed but with a *puff puff* here and there it really smoothed out my skin without looking cakey or fake. The puff takes quite a lot of product off, so use sparingly – a big brush does the trick instead.

It leaves the skin matte, soft and silky – and yep, it lasts a good 6 hours in warm weather.

The powder smells of peach – gorgeous I tell you I could sit there and sniff it all day – but that would make me nuts.

As far as I know there is no SPF.

From Adambeauty for £8.

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  1. pat says

    hi, would you happen to know where i can purchase this online? i don’t think adambeauty carries this product any longer =(

  2. isney says

    hy, can u tell me how can i get Clear Last Face Powder in Indonesia? is it sale in indonesia? i bought first when i was in Japan a few month ago, then ,actually I have it, but approximately in 2 weeks time will run out because i always use everyday. if everyone knows, please tell me! i need it so much!


    if it is not sold in Indonesia, and I do have to buy it in Japan, how do I purchase the goods? how the delivery and how the payment system?