Clean and Cute! Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers

Ever since hand sanitisers came on to the scene, I have been addicted. 
I am jealous of the hand sanitisers sold in Bath and Body Works over in the USA.  They come in tons of different scents – EVERY SCENT YOU CAN DREAM OF – and only cost $1.50 or 5 for $5.  Jealous! We just have very dull plain or simple flavours in the UK.
I ordered 6 from eBay recently, buying 3 Halloween ones and 3 Christmas scents!

Clean and Cute Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers 2

These hand sanitizers:

  • Tahitian Palm Milk leaves hands feeling conditioned.
  • Kills germs without water.

They are surprisingly small…29ml and the average hand gel in the UK is around 50ml.

The Christmas gels I got were:

Brownie Mix

Peppermint Patty

Mrs. Claus Apple Pie

Clean and Cute Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers

For halloween scents I got:

Berry Scary



All of the gels have beads running through them. 

One thing I noticed about these gels is that they don’t feel as clean as the ones I am used to – they leave a slightly powdery residue on my hands. You get used to it really, it’s not terrible and starts to rub off after half an hour but I do feel a difference from this stuff to the products we have in the UK. 

However – these do really smell like what they say they smell like – a lot – and they really fragrance the hands!!! I have no idea if these work well for sensitive hands but Mr C who has dry sensitive skin used and it hurt the most delicate parts of his mitts! Whoops! That’s what alcohol will do!

Clean and Cute Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers

The scent is strong – it’s almost like someone has sprayed some perfume and it also lasts a good while on the hands. If you dislike fragranced stuff then this is absolutely not for you because they are so fragranced.

I have scattered these everywhere, one in each bag, one in the Mr’s car, on top the bins…we are very well anti-bac’d in the house :)

I will definitely buy more of these, if I ever make it to the US I would buy one of every flavour!

Have you tried these hand sanitizers? 

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  1. Shari says

    You can buy larger hand sanitizer bottles here in the US, but as these are labeled, they’re meant to go in a pocket or a purse, hence the size (and the price! ^_^ ). Are the smallest bottles over in the UK only 50ml?

  2. says

    Hehe, I love these stuff! I have two Hello Kitty ones that have the bag tags, so I can hang Hello Kitty on my bag as a sort of keychain cum practical hand sanitizer.