Cle De Peau Lipstick

Cle de Peau BEAUTE   lipstick n.jpg

I have already tried out some of Cle De Peau’s extra silky lipsticks – absolutely gorgeous, orgasmic lip colours but oh so expensive to go with it.

I decided to try out one of the Lipstick N – this one resembles a traditional lipstick. I got shade 24.

Cle de Peau BEAUTE   lipstick n-1.jpg

Like all Cle De Peau products it is expensive, around $50 USD. For a lipstick! I know! But I’d rather spend it on a lipstick than a lipgloss, which is more likely to go off.


Shade 24 is a neutral warm pink-brown shade – it’s very wearable, very everyday kind of shade with no shimmers or metalic-ness. Looking at it in the tube, there’s no wow factor. The packaging is simple blue, unlike the extra silky, there’s nothing to say from the packaging it is so expensive.



Unlike a lot of Japanese lipsticks that have that glossy- watery shine look they do so well, this is a creamy, soft, matte yet slightly glossy textured lipstick. The texture is pure perfection. It is soft, creamy, moisturizing, long lasting, beautiful.

The colour too is stunning. With it being a neutral colour there is not reason why this kind of lip can’t go with every type of eye look (for warmer skin tones). Is it a one of a kind colour? Not really. Is it a realy wow kind of shade? No, I don’t think so. I do miss the micro shimmers that I love in lip colours but the texture is perfection and this really will be what I call my sensible lip. Not too light, not to bright, not too shimmery, just kind of juicy goodness.


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  1. sue says

    hey row, i received your package today for the contest. thanks for the cute givenchy clutch! your note got mixed up (mine says hey Gigi) hahaha please have another contest again soon ;D

    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      You are very welcome! I got a bit confused though I was doing so many packages but Im glad you liked your stuff !