Cle De Peau Extra Silky Lipstick

I have been lusting over lots of high end products lately and Cle De Peau’s Extra Silky Lipsticks caught my eye.

These babies are $50 each! Extortionate.


The come in sexy long blue tubes:


You get a jewel on the top:


We have 102 and 114:


102 is called cognac brown – I was a bit scared of this being too brown but its not. The other is from the newest collection and is a plummy mauve shade.

The packaging has a unique feature – a little window so you can see how much is left. When the colour disappears from the window you have 2 weeks left…approximately.


02 Brown:


OK….I love these. I LOVE these. They are way to expensive. Are you nuts? £30 each!? But there is no doubting that the moment they touch your lips, they feel like….like…..buttah. Not just any buttah, the buttah from the finest cow..ok that’s a poor analogy. But this stuff is amazing, really really beautiful.

The texture is creamy and soft, and it melts onto your lips. It is pigmented but sheer at the same time – the colour payoff is just right with this lipstick.

These were the two colours the seller had – I wouldn’t have instinctively gone for a mauve or a brown since I am more of an orange and nude gal, but both of these colours are a lovely suprise. The mauve in particular looks dark in the tube, almost purple but its quite flattering on the lips.

114 Mauve:



The packaging is lovely but it doesn’t click in – so I would be a tad worried about the lid falling off. Also – and this is VERY VERY important – it does NOT retract (like the Nars Multiples – twist this all the way out and you will not be able to twist it back in). I am the queen of over clicking things because the product doesn’t appear to come out “It’s broken, it’s broken, how do I always get the broken one?” followed by a spurting of about half the product, followed by convincing your boyfriend that he *needs* to wear some lipgloss – anything to avoid wasting it.

Therefore, click carefully, this lipstick is about £1 per application, after all.

What else? Anything you want to know about these beauties?

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  1. says

    These are gorgeous colors, but you’re right – so expensive! I heard Cle De Peau has a great concealer though. Have you ever tried it? I swear, I think I’m obsessed with concealer lately :)

    • Row says

      Hey! Yes I have the concealer Its very good – will review it since a lot of you ladies seem keen on it!

    • Row says


      If this is what the lady wishes, i will dig it out and review. yes these lipsticks are such a treat, but really nice!

    • Row says

      Hey Blu

      Now, Rouge Volupte – I hate the colours but I love the texture. I think the Cle De Peau doesn’t feel as thick or as opaque as the Rouge V. and it has more of a slight silk/gloss feel to it whereas Rouge V. is very creamy but lacks that kind of ‘silky oil’ feel if you know what I mean?

  2. says

    thanks :) also looking forward to your CdP concealer review because everyone seems to rave about it!

    Btw I picked up the Armani pink corrector you recommended over the weekend, am excited to try it out! The SA almost got me to purchase their concealer too but they ended up being out of stock in my shade…

    • Row says

      Ooh Blu let me know what I think. I really really really like the concealer (which I have lost, by the way! Argh! I lose everything) but its so nice

  3. Mable says

    Butter from the finest cow!? HAHAHAHHAHAHA. You are too funny! Ahh..I love your style of writing!

    I like this better on you than the Rouge Volupte. The ysl was a bit tooo matte and opaque in my opinion. This CDP lippy looks ammaazzing! Yes yes, please review the concealer too! Am thinking about getting it for undereye and blemishes.

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      Concealer next it is. I agree – it IS nicer than Rouge Volupte, which is far too opaque especially when the colours are so ugly. This is MUCH nicer than that!

  4. Lipstickfan says

    Hey, has anyone tried this and the Dior rouge de serum? They seem like similar products to me. I already have a Dior rouge de serum color (910) but wonder if it’d be worth the splurge to get one of these extra silk lipsticks as well.