Cle De Peau Concealer

Concealer is one of those must have items for most ladies, even those with perfect skin normally need a bit of conceaer, under the eyes, around the nose etc.

Cle De Peau is one of those concealers that are the stuff of legends.

Let me tell you I love concealer and have many many many many many…what was I saying? Oh I have a lot of concealers. A lot. (I feel a concealer special coming on!! What do you think ladies?)

The first I had heard of Cle De Peau’s concealer was when I heard that Chinnifer Aniston uses this. I bought one…yonks ago. I don’t even remember how long I have had this baby for but now that I’ve found it again, I will replace my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil, which is just ok, with this in my make up bag.

Anyway, to the concealer:

Preview of “Cle De Peau Concealer”-1.jpg

This comes in only 3 shades – ivory, ocher & beige. I have Ocher – the colour range is just ok, it doesn’t seem to cover darker skintones.

Preview of “Cle De Peau Concealer”.jpg

It comes in a stick – nothing special but quite heavy and well made.

Even though the texture is fairly opaque, I seriously think it is very very creamy and soft – this is just a light swipe:

Preview of “Cle De Peau Concealer”-2.jpg

It comes off like buttah, you see? If you have very dry skin this may feel dry to you, my skin is combination and can be dry on the cheeks and this concealer has always glided like silk one me. It also has opacity without being too heavy- I have found concealers that are opaque, like RMK’s Basic Concealer and Laura Mercier are extremely dry and need mixing with some cream. Not this one.

The price is high – it’s £55 for 5grams which goes without saying – this is pricey. It would put be off for sure but the one thing about this concealer is that it really is a geniune muli use product.

I find that i need something lighter and more brightening under the eyes, and something dry around my nose and something inbetween on the cheeks. With this product, I can use it under my eyes (even though the colour isn’t a bit lighter which is what I normally prefer for circles) – around my nose, on my cheeks. It blends without a PROBLEM. No streaking, no dryness, just rub and go.

I have been spoilt I suppose, with so many concealers around that I haven’t had the chance to marvel at this product recently. (I have been using IPSA and Armani under the eyes lately). Cle De Peau’s concealer requires the LEAST work, the LEAST amount of efforts for a great result.

Is it worth it? Pah, I can’t say it’s necessarily worth such a huge amount of money, but then I would probably spend it on an eyeshadow palette – and if there’s anything you should invest in make up wise, its your base products.

So, go on then, you twisted my arm:

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  1. says

    Now I must sell my kidney and buy one of these; I’ve purchased a great deal of concealers in the past, and have been content with none of them. Do you find that CdP’s concealer lasts well on its own, or must it be set with powder first?

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      Hmmm. It lasts pretty well on it’s own *checks face* yep it’s still there, however – if I was putting it on a greasy spot, like my forehead, I would be very tempted to dust lightly with powder for extra staying power….

  2. Naz says

    Hey! Can I ask where you can buy this and the IPSA concealer? I’m a concealer fiend (or rather, my undereye circles make me one!)

  3. Elizabeth says

    I desperately need new concealer, I’ve given up on touche eclat, does absolutely nothing for me but grey up my face. My only other one is MAC’s select cover up but that was bought when I experienced a brief period of being tanned. By the way, I’m unable to view any of your previous entries up on the right hand side – get an error message and then “operation aborted” and the page closes. x

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      I hate it when concealer goes grey! I will investigate the net problems, dearie me, if only I knew how this silly thing worked!

  4. Mable says

    Great review thanks! Look at that price! And it only comes in 3 shades? That sucks! I’ve been using the KP concealer and it is very creamy and moisturizing but its not that opaque and even set with powder doesn’t last the entire day. I mainly use concealer for redness and the odd blemish. How does CDP concealear hold up for blemishes?

    Btw, like Elizabeth, I’ve also been getting the “operation aborted” from time to time. Not everyday, but it happens a couple of times during the week.

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      CDP does hold up, but I would still say you have to set it with some powder. If you are very oily in one area then I dont think even CDP will last ALL day to be fair. You need something like RMK’s basic which is super sticky and quite dry that would last on oilies – that stuff is like tar but it sure does conceal!