Yeah baby! So you think you get all the best stuff in the US? Well….you do. But still look what I got my mitts on!

My own Clarisonic Pink Face Brush!


The unveiling…



How excited was I? Completely clean skin right? Except….

…I have a 110v two pronged socket in my bathroom. BUT apparently the Euro two prong is different from the US two prong. I prefer the three prong UK plug socket – it feels more secure. On the other hand, it hurts like nothing else when you stand on it first thing in the morning.

So I can’t even test it untill my plug adaptor. Boo hoo!

Hey you think I’m a moany cow? Check out this lot . Brides without their toasters. The company are shizers, for sure, but I am pretty sure most people already have their toasters and a lot of household things they need since a majority of couples live together before getting wed anyway. They are just trying to fleece their guests by requesting luxury cutlery and Le Crueset pans, money for holidays etc. My favourite quote is:

“I have been surprised at how emotional I feel about this,” said Sally Fraser, 34…My mum and her partner got me a Le Creuset roasting pot … I would have thought of her when I used it. I said to my husband I feel like we’ve been robbed; that someone has come into our house and burgled us.”

Beyotch, don’t compare not getting you Le Crueset roasting pot to some poor person whose come home to find the personal belonging rifiled in, and had irreplaceable things stolen. And as for thinking of her mother everytime she roasted some chicken…yeah right. Having said that, my nan gave me a small rice cooker – every time I use it, it sticks and I think thats just f-ing brilliant.

Weddings shouldn’t be costing guests the earth, I tell you!

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Arrive plug adaptor, damn you!

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