Clarins Jazzy Collection

Clarins Fall collection, Jazzy was released today in the UK. I am not usually one for Clarins but this is a really nice collection:

Its the flapper look you see. There’s a new range of lippies, a translucent powder, limited edition plum mascara, limited edition blue liquid liner, a black kohl pencil that looks like it doubles as a ear pick and two new quads.

Now the two quads are really eyecatching. The SA grabbed me and tried this one on:

So Chic, combines a white, metal, purple and black.

Gold bless the girls at Clarins – but they can apply make up as well as my Megan.

She spent ages on my eyes. I masked my horror as I looked at the mish mash badly blended purples and grey on my eyes as I thought to myself – Trannylicious. Oh how I pined for my Leena at the Nars counter.

Punched eyes aside, I took the LE Plum mascara and Quad. I felt guilty.



Its the other one, So Sublime…yes, they put the wrong one in the bag! How irritating!!!!!! I do also like the look of this set I have to be honest because I like the blue/pink contrast…I may keep hold of this one yet seeing as the So Chic set is dupable.

What do you think of Clarins?

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  1. Andrea says

    Hi Rowena!
    Hhhhhmmm… What do I think of Clarins? Well, I must say I’m not fond of their makeup at all. I think the eye shadow colours are too sheer. The eye liner I had (pencil form) was too hard… Then, I decided not to get any more of their stuff. Ah yes, and the lippies I had seemed to turn off very quickly, with a funny smell and all…
    The packages have changed and improved, as I can see. But I don’t know if they had really reformulated their stuff. One thing is a nice package, other is quality itself.
    Just in case, I don’t get it any more for those reasons.
    I also had that little pot of refining pre-makeup base (forget the name now) and it made my skin very red and blotchy. So, no…
    In the other hand, some of their body products is really nice, especially their body serum. I like it a lot!
    I really prefer to go for the Japanese brands (makeup-wise) or Givenchy and Mac (for the Western ones).
    Have a great day!

  2. Row says

    Hey Andrea
    Firstly thanks for reading! I feel the same way as you regarding Clarins. I have tried some of their pencils and also the cream shadows – not impressed. These new quads are much much better and the packaging is nice. I guess these new combos are quite interesting too – although i am still in two minds about the quad – i can’t believe she gave me the wrong one!!! Clarins skincare is also so so on me. Gives my allergies but then most brands do.
    These brands cant compete with Japanese drugstore brands for innovation, colours, quality etc. if you ask me! :)