Ciate Shell Manicure Review and Swatch

You can trust Ciate to bring out more and more interesting nail kits out these days – they’re not always everyone’s cup of tea but with so many different ideas (caviar, the fuzzy one, the one that dries like concrete, the magnetic one etc etc etc) there’s bound to be something for you out there. 

Ciate Shell Manicure Review

The newest set is this Shell Manicure, which I have to say looks quite up my street; pretty soft wearable colours with a pretty sparkly shell topping (like the caviar nails) made from real crushed shells to give a sparkly effect.

There are three sets in total, Wish Upon A Starfish (Pink, the one I have swatched here), Mermaid You look (A grey-mauve set) and She Sells Sea Shells (white).  

The kit is quite typical (if you are into Ciate nail kits) in that it comes in a  box, with clear instructions, a polish and the topper, a funnel and a plastic ‘tray’ for getting the little pieces back into the pot. Being an irregular shape these need a bit more wiggling to get them back into the pot (jar? container?)

Ciate Shell Manicure Review 1

After applying the base coat, I put the topping on and pressed it into the polish. Upon drying I added a clear top coat to seal it in. It seemed to look fine after the top coat and had a sparkly princessy finish. 

Ciate Shell Manicure Review 2

As with any of these kinds of bitty nail art kits, how long it lasts or how practical it is depends on what kind of lifestyle you have and how busy you are with your hands.  The next time I do this I will probably only coat one finger with the shell topping as I do actually really like the look but it’s less practical for a mum of a toddler who forever needs to me to pull things out of his mouth/nose/pants. 

The sets will be cost £20 from Selfridges first from May 2014. 


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