Ciate London Flower Manicure Review!

Credit to Ciate for always coming up with new Nail Art ideas, and putting them together in kits – I mean, where else would you find mini pressed dried flowers for this new project?!

The Flower Manicure is a kit which gives you pastel nails and flower detailing; real flowers by the way! 

Ciate Flower Manicure

The kit comes in two variations, Strike a Posy (pink) and Bada Bloom (blue). I am just showing you the pink here, but I will play with the blue soon and Instagram the results! 

So as always, the kit comes in a cute box, very gift-able:

Ciate Flower Manicure 2

You get:

Ciate Flower Manicure 3

A mini base colour, a large top coat, some tweezers for placing the flowers, a mini file for filing down any rough edges from the flowers, and two pots of dried flowers.

Banners and Alerts

I have said before on my blog that I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to nails – I am not great at nail art so if I can do it, anyone can. 

This Ciate Flower Manicure kit is fun to use and easy too – it’s one of the nicer ones in the sense that you can wear it for a few days and it doesn’t get annoying, like the caviar nails do (maybe it’s because I have a toddler, but having little beads stuck to your nail isn’t that practical for me).  

What I will say is that the finish isn’t necessarily super smooth – the flowers may protrude in some areas (especially the smaller ones which I had to break off into pieces to make it lie flat against my nail) it still looks quite neat and attractive.  You also have to get creative with this kit as sticking large flowers on to each nail looks repetitive and boring so check out the visuals to get ideas on how you can get creative with placement and layering. 

Ciate Flower Manicure 4

So the application method is; base coat if you want, polish, another layer of polish, top coat, stick on flower whilst it’s still wet, flowers, top coat to seal, file. 

Ciate Flower Manicure 5

Nail art fans will definitely enjoy this one, and at least each nail will be quite unique. 

Each kit costs £18 and you can buy them here (currently exclusive to Selfridges). 

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