Chunky Glitter Alert! Etude House Pink Prism Nail Polish – Swatches and Review

Etude House have been going crazy for glittery nail polishes recently, especially the chunky top coat type! I can’t help but being drawn to them even though I am usually too lazy to even use varnish most of the time! 

The Pink Prism range is a collection of affordable pink colours and 3 top coats which I purchased.  These varnishes are quite dinky sized:

Etude House Pink Prism Nail Glitter

Here is the full range of 6 colours;

Etude House Pink Prism Nail Glitter 2

Only the 3 top coats interested me since the 3 pink polishes are pretty dupeable and also look quite sheer!

Here is no 1 which has chunky multi coloured candy shaped hexagonal glitters.  God knows how many coats went into their swatch because here is mine after two coats!!!

Etude House Pink Prism Nail Glitter 4

No. 5 is a hearts glitter with smaller pieces and shapes for interest. 

This fares slightly better although the glitter distribution is still low and a bit uneven.  The polish is clear.

Etude House Pink Prism Nail Glitter 1

One thing I find with ALL Etude House polishes is that they run on the thick and gloopy side which means they take a while to dry and also chip within a day or two. 

Here they are on top of a beige (sorry not the best colour but I happened to have it on!).  I really had to layer about 3-4 coats of top coat to get this result.  With the gloopy texture too it would take about 5 years for all this to dry properly:


Etude House Pink Prism Nail Glitter 3


Another day, another glitter top coat. They’re ok but the chunky-ness of the glitters makes it feel like something you could make yourself with some cheap clear polish and craft glitter.

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