Christmast Gift Guide: 3D bags, Necomimi Ears and a Screaming Vase

Now now, I’m not dissing Boots 3 for 2 Christmas presents…I mean, if there ever was an indicator of Christmas time, it’s the Coke Adverts (Holidays are coming) followed by the Boots Christmas Gift Guide.  I’m just saying that it’s quite obvious when everyone in the room has bought everyone else something from the Boots 3 for 2 selection, and the chances are you’ve memorised the page and the price of the item too.  

So here it is, a Christmas gift guide full of completely useless but fun gifts – the kind of presents I prefer – because Christmas is the time for forcing other people to HAVE FUN.

1. The Screaming Vase

Stress Relievers Anti Stress Screaming Vase Screaming Kettle Shouting Vase | eBay

Angry? Frustrated? Want to scream and shout? This screaming vase is designed to fit over your mouth and it absorbs all your screams and shouts….then omits a softer version of your cursing through the bottom!

I, for one, am not the screaming shouting type, but there are times when you just have to LET IT OUT.  

$19.99 from eBay.

2. Necomimi Ears

Love cats? Want to be a cat? Well you are in the right place!

Necomimi ears are ‘brainwave cat ears’ – wear it like a headband and it will pick up on how you are feeling and respond accordingly. Ie, happy:

Google Image Result for http www tek lado com wp content uploads necomimi jpg


Google Image Result for http www tek lado com wp content uploads Necomimi on Sale jpg

You also have perked up ears and wiggly ears for excitement. They also come in a selection of fur colours and even devil ears for those of you that go to too many hen nights.

All for $99.95.

3. Cartoon 3D Bags!

Look at this drawing…

Jump from Paper Bags and Satchels Perfect for iPad Tablets Home

It’s not a drawing silly! It’s a real bag! It took my eyes a good few goes to comprehend this:

Jump from Paper Bags and Satchels Perfect for iPad Tablets Home 1

Does that make it more real?! It’s just like Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

These cute 3D bags look just like cartoon drawings but they aren’t!  The only problem with them is that they are flat (the front of the bag is like a drawing, it isn’t actually that shape or size!) which doesn’t make it madly practical but if you don’t carry much, it’s fine! 

There was a time when I would totally dig a gimmicky bag but I’m too old for that kind of thing now…still here’s another pic!

Jump from Paper Bags and Satchels Perfect for iPad Tablets Home 2

Here’s a cute selection from $79.

4. Ostrich Pillow

Anyone with a full time job can associate with feeling like this I’m sure:

Google Image Result for http wac 450f edgecastcdn net 80450F thefw com files 2012 10 Picture 7 e1349201199962 png

What is that amazingness on her head? An Ostrich Pillow!

Look at it!

Google Image Result for http i1 cdnds net 12 39 618x416 odd ostrich pillow 1 jpg

This pillow can be worn for maximum comfort, and it also means that you can block out the light and keep your hands warm if necessary. I know it looks a bit…bulbous but as a new mother I can tell you, I will sleep anywhere, anytime now and this pillow makes it that bit easier.

£65 from here!

5. Coffee Night Light 

Coffee fans, how about a new way to express your love for the brown stuff?  How about this amazing coffee lamp?

Google Image Result for http img alibaba com img pb 263 849 514 514849263 456 jpg

Put this on your desk at work and you will end up with none stop nosy parkers coming over to feel up your lamp!

It’s £24.99 from here.

Come on now, don’t be shy – would any of these items make you happy on Christmas Day?!

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