Christmas Presents – What did cha get?

I didn’t haul massively for Christmas – I am more of a giver, ahem, but here are some of the things I got…

Creme De La Mer Eye Concentrate

I’ve wanted this for ages, simply because I want the stick applicator!

The Foundation:

The Loose Powder:

Now – taking it out the box, I realised that there seems to be a problem with the top of the product like the seal hasn’t been fixed in properly. There was powder all over the jar and at the bottom of the product, although the seal itself remains intact. I’m not too pleased so I am going to try and exchange it…sorry, but a £60 face powder should arrive in pristine condition.

I also got a upgrade to Leopard for my little Macbook:

No idea what the advantages are yet, will need to explore a little since its taken 5gb of space from my hard drive.

The boy also got me RMK Recovery Night Gel:

But I already have it! This is why people who work on beauty counters should actually update their client record cards now and again! Hopefully I will be able to refund or exchange this item. If not, I will be quite peed off, since the girl on the counter (who sorta knows me, good customer ‘an all) told him emphatically that I didn’t have this cream, when I remember mentioning to her in early Dec that I did.

Ok, this was a complete surprise – I had asked my cousin to look this up for me whilst she was in Hong Kong and completely forgot about it. And what did I get – this Cle De Peau palette!

This was the best surprise of the day! Palette 19 – its a super hot plum shade 😀 Can’t wait to try it out.

I also got the usual things, money, chocolates, bits and pieces.

Yawn. Christmas days make me tired. What did you get?

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  1. says

    you got nice stuff! no one would know to get me La Mer. I actually didn’t get much because my family doesn’t celebrate christmas. But I sure got a lot of stuff for myself anyway 😀