Christmas Haul: Soap & Glory Best of All Indulgence Kit – Is it worth it?

One of the coolest things Boots has running during the festive period is their half price offers – every week a ‘star’ item is half price and it usually varies from electricals to perfume to make up kits. The best of all is the final week before Christmas where it has been (for the last few years) the biggest Soap and Glory gift set which is usually placed at half price or slightly less ‘better than half price!’ deal! So, this was £60 then reduced to £27.

Soap and Glory Best of All

This year it wasn’t a hat box, it was this ‘Best of All Indulgence Kit’ which I picked up without the usual problems of yesteryear where women were practically murdering each other with Zara handbags trying to grab one of these.

Best of All features nine full sized products and a cloth bag. I have cracked this open and have been using the products so here are some general thoughts of the range!

There’s no doubt this set is good value at the half price offer! It’s always worth waiting for the offer – although it can’t be 100% guaranteed, as I mentioned earlier, it has always been the S&G biggie in the final week of offers.

There is a good mix of products;

Smoothie Star – Body Lotion

Clean on Me – Shower Gel

Heel Genius – Foot Cream

Hand Food – Hand Cream

Peaches and Clean – Cream cleanser

Righteous Butter – Body Butter

Sugar Crush – Body Scrub

Thick and Fast – Mascara

Sexy Mother Pucker – Lip Gloss

Soap and glory hat box

There’s a greater ratio of body care in this bag than facial skin care and cosmetics which is fine by me.  Everything is so generously sized too!

Soap and Glory products do have a very particular scent to them – it’s almost like a warm berry, or at least that’s how it seems to me. It’s quite nice but if you don’t like OTT scents or anything that smells artificial then this range might give you a headache!

I have been using the products and here’s how it divided up:

Hand cream, body butter and foot cream stolen by Mr C who uses tons of creams for his hands. He’s not so keen on the hand cream out of all three as he says it feels ‘silicone-y’ – he’s actually preferred the butter for his hands.

The other products I have stuck in the bathroom and my favourite is:

Soap n glory sugar scrub

Sugar Crush!  I’ve got into scrubbing lately and I love this, it’s got a nice fruity scent, the scrub particles are not too soft, not too hard and it’s a good texture. I’ve actually finished this. I am also using the shower gel which is fine and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

Peaches and Clean smells lovely – of peaches naturally, and it’s a decent cream cleanser – I just have an awful lorra cleansers to work through at the moment but this is one of the ones I will use when I don’t have mega hardcore make up on and I just want my skin to feel somewhat refreshed.

The cosmetics:

Soap and glory sext mother pucker

I haven’t had a chance to use these although I like the colour of the Sexy Motherpucker, I like that they didn’t pick anything too neutral for the kit. I may end up gifting these to my cousin who is obsessed with Soap and Glory but the range is a bit pricy for her teenage purse.

As for the bag – ha – I love it. I have been using it to store yarns! It’s a good shape – I also use the hat box from another year for all my nail polishes, so kudos to Soap and Glory for always coming up with useful, reusable, sturdy packaging!

Did you pick up one of these?

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