Christmas Gifting Idea 2013 No. 4: Crabtree & Evelyn Noel Candle

What is Christmas if not a time for candles?

It is my dream one day to have a candle table. At the moment, with a toddler and cats, it’s nary impossible to leave a live flame for even a moment…alas, I have limited candle burning times but when I do do it, it’s rather mice. 

Enter Crabtree and Evelyn – not a brand I really paid attention too – at least not for anyone under the age to 60 until I tried their rather lovely nail polishes. Exploring the range more I found some really lovely bits and pieces, aside from the well known hand creams and body washes; and it’s all very nice, good quality, decent prices, well presented.   

Christmas Gifting Idea 2013 No 3 Crabtree Evelyn Noel Candle

Their Christmas gifting range is quite interesting (The usual skin care on offer but also home fragrances and food too like pretty gingerbread in a tin).  For Christmas there is Noel and Gilded Chestnut. Oh my god, I love Chestnut. I didn’t realise until yesterday they also had Chestnut otherwise I would’ve been all over it! I am going to hunt it down (possibly the room spray…) but I digress. 

Noel comes in the cutest box and an equally pretty little red glass jar. 

The scent is a very lovely, warming floraly-spicy scent that is indeed, quite Christmassy.  There’s star anise, clove, nutmeg and the site says persimmon and fresh balsams – I have no idea what they are but I will say aside from the spiciness, theres a slightly green prickly edge to it that keeps it fresh. 

I have been so disappointed by candles recently that don’t smell of anything (cough *ikea*) it’s nice to have something that smells nice and is long lasting too. 

Christmas Gifting Idea 2013 No 3 Crabtree Evelyn Noel Candle 1

This candle has approximately 20 hours of burn time. 

Christmas Gifting Idea 2013 No 3 Crabtree Evelyn Noel Candle 2

Another thing about Crabtree and Evelyn is that it looks more expensive than it is.

Their Chrismas room scents start at £9 (for the fragrance oils) and I absolutely definitely need the Gilded Chestnut Porcelain Diffuser in mu life.  I love the idea of a flameless way to fill the house with fragrance and it’s not as in your face as a room spray.  

You can buy the candle here for £12.

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