Christmas Gift Purchase: Paris Hilton Just Me Perfume

Urgh. I can’t believe I contributed towards Paris Hiltons earnings, but I was told a cousin of mine (yes, another cousin) wanted this so I got it from Brand Alley (which may I just say, has RUBBISH delivery times. 30 days? Bah.)

Just Me Paris Hilton.jpg

It is a cute box though, and a cute 30ml heart shaped bottle:

paris hilton just me.jpg

I paid £15 for this, its only £11.11 from here. Bah!

Just Me Paris Hilton-1.jpg

So there you are, let this be marked down as the first and last time I buy a Paris Hilton branded product!

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  1. K says

    i did buy a bottle of this too for a friend this Christmas..
    well i know she likes Paris, and i think that’s a really tasteful photo of her on the bottle… kinda puts all her %#^#^$ out of my mind