Christmas Gift Idea: Ed Hardy Women’s perfume by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy?! Ed Hardy?! I know, I’m not the first person you think of when you hear the words Ed Hardy but I wanted to share with you this gift which is for my 15 year old cousin. Teens LOVE Ed Hardy, it seems.

ed hardy perfume scent.jpg

There are two variations to this scent, in the pink tube and the black tube. I do think the packaging is pretty funky.

The scent, to my largely unrefined nose smells quite fresh, fruity, like strawberry and mangoes, with a musky touch. Would I wear it? YES! Its kinda easy going to wear, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Great Gift For: Teens, Trendies

What You Get: A funky bottle and a rather nice fruity scent

Buy it from:You can browse the range here, but also other stores like Boots.

ed hardy scent perfume.jpg

Since I got this for the teen, I’ve had a little change of heart…What do you do when a teenager is a little monster? I cancelled some presents I got for her from Amazon:


I gave her a few chances to redeem herself, now I am culling presents (I tend to spoil the under 16s). This scent may very well be living on my dressing table.

Ed Hardy fan? Ed Hardy hater? Have a problematic teen? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. katie says

    my 15 year old is a horrible monster (though that is putting it mildly!). She opened a xmas card she got in the post yesterday from a relative and said “if there’s no money in the card i don’t bother reading what it says”. I bought myself that Ed Hardy perfume – she is so not deserving and can stick with her Katie Price perfume

    • Row says

      Hi Katie!

      The 15 year old I am dealing with is the same! She will shake a card to see if thee is something inside it first!!!!! I may be swapping this Ed hardy for a Coleen perfume as revenge!!! x

  2. says

    ^^ I really hope someone on the other end of the internet reads your reason for cancellation, because it’s going to make their day!!

    I don’t have kids yet, but I don’t know what I’ll do if they’re monsters :/

  3. says

    row, hilarious! yeh yeh yeh it’s prob for the teen set. i’m well on my way out of my 20’s and i like it. i would wear it.