Christmas Gift (Good): Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a great time.  It’s felt like a seriously long holiday, but you can’t beat a rest. 

Over Christmas I managed to pull some nice bargains in the sales but also got a couple of make up items are gifts. Most people wouldn’t chance buying me make up as I have so much it’s hard to know what I actually have! But Mr C got me my first ever Tom Ford lipstick – I have lost my Tom Ford virginity!

I have never owned one before because they are so expensive – £36 each.  I do think that is crazy expensive for a lipstick.  The packaging is beautiful and very fitting of a premium-premium lipstick:

Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale

There are quite a few choices in the Lip Colour range (15 at the time of writing) but soft pale nudes to reds, oranges, corals etc.  Mr C picked me ‘Violet Fatale’ – which the name itself scared me because I am not one for wearing dark deep lipsticks. Eek! 

Turns out Violet Fatale is a pretty purple rather than a blackened plum, or deep berry (these tones I find much more challenging to wear) than purple.  Mr C had seen me browsing some purple lipsticks online so chose this colour – so very on point! 

The lipstick has the TF lettering in the lipstick and the packaging is a deep brown square edged case which is quite chunky. It fits the expensive tag, but I do find overly big packaging takes up room in my case.

Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale 1

Violet Fatale looks almost slightly like a hot pink when swatched on my skin.  This adds to the wearability factor for me.  I found it highly pigmented but not as soft and creamy as some others – I find Suqqu creamier and melts on the skin, whereas the Tom Ford is firmer textured but not in a bad way – there’s still lots of pigment, it still makes my lips look lovely and plump.

Swatch:Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale 2

Another thing I really like about this lipstick is how it lasts amazingly well on the lips – by the end of the day, I have a really decent pinkish stain on my lips and thats usually after a LOT of eating.  This is probably the most long lasting lipstick I have without drying my lips out at all.

On my lips:Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale 3

I also dried just dabbing this on my lips and it looks very nice too, if I don’t want something so bright. 

It is very expensive at £36 but if you can find a shade that you love in this range, then yes, why not – it is a really lovely lipstick and quite different to the others I have in my collection which tend to either have a creamy or a watery finish shiny effect.

The ingredients list for this lipstick is longggggggg – maybe that’s why it costs so much?

Tom Ford Lip Colour Violet Fatale 1DSC 9468 | Flickr Photo Sharing

Next colours on my list the next time I have some spare money?  Definitely the elegant nude Spanish Pink, and the summery True Coral.
You can buy the lipsticks here. 
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  1. Sheenie says

    Waaaaaa! I will give in this year to TF. I keep watching Zoolander for a start and he pops up in that. This is a beautiful colour and looks amazing on you, Row. Xx