Christmas Gift: Charlotte Tilbury Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer Review

When I first saw make up artist extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury’s make up range online, I wanted to lick the screen, it looks so delicious.  However – with the prices quite high and no counter in my local Selfridges, I didn’t order anything, although all of it looks stunning (with a Scott Barnes-ey feel, if you remember his cosmetic line). For Christmas my aunt bought me a lip gloss and liner from the range:

Charlotte Tilbury Re Shape Re Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer

I have the Lip Lustre Luxe Colour-Lasting Lip Lacquer (tongue twister!) in Blondie and the Lip Cheat Re-shape and Re-size lip liner in Iconic Nude, a nude brown beige. 

They say: “Lip Lustre is a super luxe, high-gloss lacquer that gives your lips a brilliant mirror-shine finish, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional, voluptuous pout.and “Lip Cheat is a rich, velvety lip liner glides effortlessly over the lips and has the power to completely re-shape, re-size and balance your lips.”

I thought that this lip duo would be a rather nice lip plumping match, and for all intents and purposes, it is, creating a subtle nude effect lip. More about this later.  Can we talk about the packaging?

Charlotte Tilbury Re Shape Re Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer 1

I love the colour scheme chosen for this range, it’s dark like all the expensive brands are (well the external boxes) and since this is a very glam looking range, the products have this rich gold colour on them.  

I disliked the actual feel of the product though – the lip gloss felt surprisingly cheap in a smallish lightweight plastic tube.  I say this because I think high end and pricy items should be in good packaging and feel a little heavy in the hand as lets face it – a bit part of pricy make up is how it looks too.  Whilst it looks nice, it doesn’t feel nice and I didn’t like the sponge applicator at all – it was quite a hard, doe foot applicator and it’s hardness made it hard to comfortably spread the product (which was already somewhat thick) to the lips without dragging.  I really do prefer super lush comfortable applicators for glosses, like the Japanese brands do so well.  For reference, Esprique do a great sponge applicator for their Aqua Drape glosses.

I digress.  Here are the colours close up – the gloss pinky-peachy sheer with lots of shimmer but it’s a sheer gold when applied on me:

Charlotte Tilbury Re Shape Re Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer 2

The lip swatch on the website shows a very wet looking gorgeous sheer peachy pink with lots of fine gold shimmer.  I honestly don’t think this shade is a. as glossy or as plumping as pictured and b. as multi dimensional, which is a shame. 

The lipliner is a great colour for people who love nudes like me as it’s a very ‘useful’ colour. I didn’t find the formula as creamy and pigmented as I wanted though in that, for the price, it could’ve been from one of my favourite cheaper brands for lip liner (hey, I don’t spend much on lipliner) such as Rimmel or No. 17.  That’s the problem I guess…lip liner is so dupable. 


Charlotte Tilbury Re Shape Re Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer 3

Worn together – it gives a warmish nude and if my lips don’t look that glossy, then it’s the gloss which I found quite hard to get ‘spreadable’…imagine butter that goes a bit hard in the cold? Like that. 

The duo does look nice on though:

Charlotte Tilbury Re Shape Re Size Lip Liner and Luxe Colour Lasting Lip Lacquer 4
The lip lustre is £16.50 from Selfridges and the lip liner is £16.  The range overall is quite expensive (ie. £39 for an eyeshadow quad). 
So overall I don’t love the bits I’ve got, although I don’t hate them either.  If I had dished out a few £100 pounds, as I had originally planned when the range first came out, I would’ve been disappointed.  
Despite this luke warm beginning, I still want to try and eyeshadow quad and Mr C has told me he’s bought me a lipstick from the range as a gift so I look forward to trying that – it looks like the Estee Lauder Signature lipsticks in the glam gold case so I hope it performs better. Will review when I get it.  
Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury?
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  1. says

    I have the CT blush in Love is The Drug and The Vintage Vamp shadow quad. Both of these are amazing. The blush is used daily and the shadows are intensely pigments and soft as butter. I was debating with myself to get a gloss and liner but think I may just get a lipstick instead. I really want Night Crimson!

    Anoushka xx