Christmas 2011 Gift Picks No. 1: Chapstick Tempting Lips Kit

For Christmas 2011 I’ll be doing gift recommendations every day – stuff that I genuinely think are good value and make unusual, lovely gifts! Keep an eye out for a chance to win the gift recommendation of the day too!

There is a RECESSION going on people, so it’s the perfect time to pick up sweet little gifts for people rather than taking out a second mortgage for an iPad that your Nan is only going to mistake for a placemat anyway.

Today is ChapStick’s Limited Edition Tempting Lips range:

Chap Stick Tempting Lips Kit
I LOVE the retro case. There are 7 designs to choose from and each one has three lip balms inside, in Cherry, Apple and Strawberry.  Unfortunately they aren’t tinted, just scented and the formulas are the same.

Obviously after you have used the lip balms, or my case, lost them all, the tin can be used for keeping nick-nacks in.  I like!

Chapstick Tempting Lips Kit

There’s a sticky label on the back which was semi-difficult to remove but then came off in the end – otherwise I would be might peed off that it ruined the tin. But you’ll be happy to know the tin was saved!

The ingredients; it’s not organic or anything but I know plenty of people who swear by Chapstick:

Chapstick Tempting Lips Kit

Hey did you ever know anyone who ate chapstick? I knew a girl at school who would eat a whole stick. Yeah…special school it was.

Here are the other designs:

ChapStick Pretty Lip Kits

RE ChapStick soft lips kit

RE ChapStick lovely lips kit

ChapStick Hot Lips Kit

ChapStick Delicious Lips Kit

ChapStick Posh Lips Kit

Type of Gift: Stocking Filler, Cheap and Cheerful, Beauty

Perfect for: Office friends, Teenagers, Friends with dry lips, Metrosexual men, Nan

Where to buy: Leading pharmacies (Boots, Superdrug) and supermarkets (Asda, Tesco etc.)

Limited Edition: Yes, 7 designs

Price range: £3.99
Would you gift this?
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  1. Jen says

    I have to admit I love the tins more than the chapstick themselves! I always find that I get a funny aftertaste with chapsticks (not from eating them!)

  2. kELLY says

    Has anyone found an official stockist of these yet? They are also in this month’s Cosmo but cannot find online, on Boots or Superdrug website? Are they very new?